What is a press kit for actors?

A press kit is something that can be useful to actors and has been used in the publicity world probably since the beginning of publicity itself. In the strictest sense, it is a package of promotional materials provided to members of the press to brief them on a person or product.

What should be in a film press kit?

In a sense, it looks like a poster, which should include the following information:

  • film title;
  • contact information of the studio, producer company or director;
  • vivid quotes from media reviews on your film (briefly);
  • the names of the key members of the crew and the leading roles.

What is EPK shoot?

An ‘Electronic Press Kit’ (often abbreviated to ‘EPK’ for short) is an industry term that is basically short-hand for a compilation of all the relevant behind-the-scenes footage and information for a given purpose or project. EPKs exist not just in film and video, but also in music and other arts.

What does an electronic press kit look like?

EPK photos may include headshots, band and promotional shots, CD cover art, and liner graphics. Your Press Coverage: An EPK also shows off press coverage including reviews and interviews along with endorsements from radio and television outlets.

What EPK stands for?

electronic press kit
EPK, short for electronic press kit, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.

What is Movie press?

In the world of theatrical film exhibition, a pressbook was a promotional tool created and distributed by film distributors in order to market their films. Most pressbooks also contained a list of the film’s cast and crew credits (probably to assist local film critics.)

Are press kits still relevant?

Are press kits still relevant? Yes, press kits are still relevant for both online and offline businesses. Many companies now add an electronic press kit to their websites for journalists to find important information, quickly and easily.

How much does an electronic press kit cost?

Press kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get you noticed — perfect for creative but fiscally challenged freelancers. With an average price of $5,000, they’re way cheaper than most forms of advertising.

How do you make a good EPK?

How to make an EPK

  1. Write a short EPK bio.
  2. Include links to music.
  3. Add gig dates and details.
  4. Include any press releases in your EPK.
  5. Use professional photos.
  6. Embed music videos.
  7. Note any relevant mentions.
  8. Provide any contact details.

Why are actors important in movies?

Film, TV, and theater acting provide us with the entertainment we often crave. Extra or background acting provides a supportive role to the main characters in our favorite plays, movies, or TV shows, helping to strengthen the story-line, and make a scene more realistic.

How do actors promote movies?

There are various ways to advertise a movie and sometimes celebrities take part in all of them; when celebrities have a new movie coming up they make sure to show up at interviews, contribute to the movie review websites, share the movie posters, speak out in their personal accounts, and share or release the movie’s …

Why does every actor need a press kit?

It means that by taking a new look at your site and viewing it from the standpoint of an EPK, you can best decide what would most benefit you and your brand as an actor. A quick, easy, inexpensive, high quality, more aesthetically pleasing, and more efficient way to get you and your goods known to the press.

Who are some famous people that use electronic press kit?

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How to make your own press kit template?

There are lots of ways to personalize your press kit templates. Change up the copy and font. Sub out the imagery with your photos or browse from thousands of free images right in Adobe Spark. Spend as little or as much time as you want to make the graphic your own.

Why do you need a press kit in Adobe Spark?

Create standard press kits or electronic press kits (also known as EPK) for a digital solution to market your services or products. Whether you’re drumming up business for your brand or trying to win new clients for your company, Adobe Spark lets you create a press kit that will set you or your organization apart from the competition.