What is a POP in telecommunications?

What is a PoP? A PoP is not just one single item, system, or device; it’s a collection of telecommunications technologies and equipment that allows users to access the Internet. The equipment in a PoP can vary from routers to aggregators to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches.

What does POP mean in data?

Definition. A point of presence (PoP) is a demarcation point, access point, or physical location at which two or more networks or communication devices share a connection.

What is POP infrastructure?

POP is primarily the infrastructure that allows remote users connect to connect to the Internet. A POP is generally present at an Internet service provider (ISP) or the telecommunication service provider. It can consist of a router, switches, servers and other data communication devices.

What is a carrier POP?

Definition: A Carrier POP is space within a carrier data center that is operated solely for the use of the carrier itself. A Carrier POP is a relatively small footprint in a data center. This space is a data center space with only one customer – the carrier itself.

What is a pop in family?

The Parenting Orders Program (POP) aims to help separated families who are experiencing difficulty with their co-parenting relationship and maintaining arrangements for their children. …

What does Pop mean in slang?

British Slang. to pawn. Informal. to take or swallow (pills), especially in excess or habitually; take orally in a compulsive or addictive way: Popping all those pills will land him in the hospital.

What does pop stand for?


Acronym Definition
POP Post Office Protocol (Internet email protocol)
POP Point of Presence
POP Popular
POP Piece Of Paper

What does Pops stand for?


Acronym Definition
POPS POP (Post Office Protocol) Secure
POPS Points of Presence
POPS Post Office Protocol Server (software)
POPS Performance Optimized Page Sizing

Can pop mean dad?

Pop is the most recent way to say father originating in the 1830’s. It is short and has a more grown up feel than papa or dada, although still affectionate. We tend to use shortened versions of dad to show affection and uniqueness and pops has a very informal tone.

What is pops a nickname for?

Pops is a nickname for: Louis Armstrong (1901–1971), American jazz musician.

What kind of word is pop?

transitive verb. 1 : to strike or knock sharply : hit popped him in the jaw. 2 : to push, put, or thrust suddenly or briefly pops a grape into his mouth She popped her head in the door.

What does $30 a pop mean?

a pop, Slang. each; apiece: five orchids at $30 a pop.

What do you need to know about dxu desktop?

DXU Desktop is a utility used to configure devices, update device firmware, control devices remotely, and provide device tethering capability. The DXU Desktop application runs on a Windows PC, while the DXU Agent application runs on Datalogic mobile computers (both Android and Windows CE).

How does dxu work on Datalogic mobile computers?

DXU can also configure communication parameters between the application that runs on a PC and the client applications that run on Datalogic mobile computers. DXU offers a method to print out barcodes that Datalogic mobile computer users can scan to quickly connect to DXU called Scan2Deploy.

What does pop stand for in ISP terms?

POP, stands for Point Of Presence, is the local access point for an Internet service provider (ISP). A point of presence (POP) consists of the high-speed telecommunications equipment and technologies that enable users to connect to the Internet via their ISP.

Which is the best definition of a pop?

Definition A point of presence (PoP) is a demarcation point, access point, or physical location at which two or more networks or communication devices share a connection.