What is a passing score on the PE exam?

approximately 70%
Although there are no set numbers provided to pass the PE Exam, it is believed, according to research that you will need to correctly answer approximately 70% of the questions. That’s about 56 right answers out of 80.

How long does it take to get FE exam results back?

FE exam results are typically available 7–10 days after you take the exam. You will receive an email notification from NCEES with instructions to view your results in your MyNCEES account. Results include information specific to your licensing board regarding how you should proceed based on your performance.

Is the professional engineer exam hard?

The 8-hour long, 80-question PE exam is very difficult. It takes hundreds of hours, dollars, and practice problems to pass the PE exam. I put in the work and still didn’t pass until my second try. Pass rates for most PE exams are around 70% for first-time test-takers, with some as low as 55%.

How long does it take to get NCEES results?

When will I get my result? Typically, NCEES releases results to licensing boards 8–10 weeks after the exam date.

Is PE exam harder than Fe?

The FE exam is actually harder than the Professional Engineer (PE) exam, simply because it is much more broad. It’s best to take it as close to graduation as you can, with all that schooling still fresh in your mind.

How many times can you fail the PE exam?

For most computer-based PE Exams, NCEES allows you to take the PE exam once within each 3-month time window and only 3 attempts are allowed every 12 months. You will also need to reach out to your state board to ask how many times they will approve you to sit for the exam.

What happens if you fail the PE exam?

Once your application is approved, you will be able to schedule the two California state examinations. If you failed the PE Exam: You will need to register with NCEES once registration opens for their next administration of the examination.

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Can you pass the PE without studying?

PASSING THE PE IS AN EXERCISE IN STUDYING. If you don’t study, you don’t. It has little to do with if you are a good engineer or not, although there are plenty of people who will judge your qualifications based on that piece of paper.

What is the hardest PE exam?

structural depth exam
A: The structural depth exam IS most likely the hardest exam to take. This exam requires a huge amount of subject matter that you require to know, as well as a huge amount of additional standards that you have to become familiar with.

What happens if you fail the PE Exam?

Do PE Exam results expire?

Yes. All exam results must be verified through the new system. Only the state licensing board through which you were approved to take the exam can verify your exam results. Exam result verifications do not expire.