What is a lumber party?

Play Lumber Party Race your friends to the top to grab the precious Cosmic Banana, in this wacky multiplayer game. Climb trees or break them down to send your opponents falling! Push them off platforms or bounce your way to the top!

What does slang that lumber mean?

LUMBER, n. A relationship with someone of the opposite sex; a girlfriend or boyfriend.Sc.

What is the synonym of lumber?

lumber, timbernoun. the wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material. Synonyms: woodland, tone, quality, timbre, timberland, forest, baseball bat, timber.

Is lumber an American word?

Our familiar sense of lumber, meaning basically “sawn planks,” was born in North America in the 17th century. But that’s one of the few things we can say with certainty about the word’s odd history. This new use of the word showed up in print just decades after the Pilgrims’ arrival in 1620.

What do you do at a slumber party?

30 Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover to Keep Them Busy All Night…

  • DIY Pizza. Mike Garten.
  • Indoor Camping. Antonio_DiazGetty Images.
  • Paper Plane Challenge. Philip Friedman/Studio D.
  • Try Out a New Type of Braid.
  • Make Blacklight Bubbles.
  • Cupcake Decorating.
  • Watch a Scary Movie.
  • Make a Fancy Popcorn to Go With It.

What does knock on wood mean slang?

In many cultures, it’s a common superstition for people to knock their knuckles on a piece of wood to bring themselves good fortune or ward off bad luck. One common explanation traces the phenomenon to ancient pagan cultures such as the Celts, who believed that spirits and gods resided in trees.

Does anyone have any wood meaning?

When Sheldon refers to “wood,” the immediate thought of many viewers is something long, hard and straight – like an erect penis.

What two words are the best synonyms for lumber?

Synonyms of lumber

  • timber,
  • wood.

What do you do at a girly sleepover?

What is the dictionary definition of ” lumber “?

English Language Learners Definition of lumber. US : wooden boards or logs that have been sawed and cut for use. British : large objects that are no longer used or wanted. See the full definition for lumber in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does Slumber Party mean in Urban Dictionary?

It is a party in which a group of friends, esp. girls, sleep at one friend’s home. It is a party in which a group of friends, esp. girls, sleep at one friend’s home. Browse A

What was the purpose of the Pacific Lumber Agreement?

‘As part of the agreement, Pacific Lumber agrees to strict monitoring of and restrictions on lumbering in its other forest holdings.’ ‘Fishing, like lumbering, was in decline, and enterprises which produced only red ink were being quickly jettisoned by those who didn’t like that colour.’

Where does lumber come from in the US?

— Richard Henry Suttmeier, Forbes, 6 July 2021 For decades, barges carrying grain and lumber from the Upper Midwest and central Canadian cities unloaded their cargo there and transferred it to rail lines to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.