What is a good academic index score?

Academic Index
Exceptionally Strong 237-240 9
Very Strong 234-236 8
Strong 230-233 7
Above Average 225-229 6

How do you calculate academic index?

how is the academic index calculated?

  1. class rank.
  2. best combined SAT scores for mathematics and critical reasoning.
  3. the best 2 (or 3) SAT Subject Test scores.

Do Harvard athletes have to qualify academically?

Well, as it turns out, Harvard hasn’t relaxed academic standards for athletes. This number is calculated for the entire student body at each Ivy League school and the scores of the recruited athletes, taken as a group, must be within 1 standard deviation of that score.

How does the academic index work?

The Academic Index (AI) is used by Ivy League schools to ensure that athletes are not admitted with significantly lower academic qualifications than the general student population. The index is based on GPA, SAT/ACT tests scores, and SAT Subject test scores.

Does Harvard recalculate GPA?

My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that Harvard does not recalculate GPA’s; they take whatever UW GPA is on your transcript. If your HS calculates an A- as a 3.7, then it’s a 3.7. Regardless, an AO can look at a transcript and see that an A is better than an A-.

Can I get into Dartmouth with a 3.5 GPA?

Earning a high GPA isn’t enough. As the Dartmouth University statistics indicate, even those with a 3.5 GPA or better who don’t do well on the SAT/ACT have only about a four-percent chance of admission.

What is a academic index?

Using the information from a student’s transcript and test scores, the Academic Index is a calculation that combines a student’s overall academic performance into a single numerical score.

Does anyone fail at Harvard?

In reality, it’s very difficult to fail out of Harvard. Sure, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out, but they didn’t fail out. Neither did Robert Frost, Matt Damon, or William Randoph Hearst. In fact, Harvard has a rule that not more than 50 percent of any graduating class can graduate with honors.

Does anyone flunk out of Harvard?

MYTH: The pressure at Harvard must be terrific. FACT: 98% of all students admitted to Harvard eventually graduate from Harvard; flunking out is rare. A student is not admitted unless the college is convinced that he or she can handle the work – in fact, close to 70% of recent graduating classes have received honors.

What GPA do Ivy League athletes need?

3.0 GPA
Besides a rigorous class schedule, you’ll have a stronger chance of getting into the Ivy League if you have a high overall GPA. Ideally, you’ll have at least a 3.0 GPA, or B-average. This is a minimum recommendation, though, so know that it’s probably better to aim for something closer to a 3.5 (or even higher).

Is a 4.3 GPA good for Harvard?

Is a 4.3 GPA good? This GPA is above a 4.0, which means it’s weighted (it takes into account the difficulty of your classes in conjunction with your grades). This is a very good GPA. It most likely means you’re taking high level classes and are earning As and Bs.