What happens Brief Encounter?

Meeting a stranger in a railway station, a woman is tempted to cheat on her husband. At a café on a railway station, housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) meets Dr. Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard). Although they are both already married, they gradually fall in love with each other.

What is the meaning of Brief Encounter?

a meeting with a person or thing, especially a casual, unexpected, or brief meeting: Our running into each other was merely a chance encounter. a meeting of persons or groups that are in conflict or opposition; combat; battle: Another such encounter and we may lose the war.

Why is Brief Encounter so good?

But Brief Encounter has survived such threats, because it is so well made, because Laura’s voiceover narration is truly anguished and dreamy, because the music suckers all of us, and because Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are perfect. As for Celia Johnson, it is due largely to her that the film is still so moving.

Who started in Brief Encounter?

It was presented three times on The Screen Guild Theater, first on 12 May 1947 episode with Herbert Marshall and Lilli Palmer, again on 12 January 1948 with Herbert Marshall and Irene Dunne and finally on 11 January 1951 with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr.

What happens at the end of Brief Encounter?

In the final scene, Laura sits in her living-room next to her husband, still upset after her painful farewell to Alec. When she burst into tears, he kindly asks her what is wrong. ‘I think I have been lost’, she says. To which he responds: ‘Thank you for coming back to me.

What music was used in Brief Encounter?

Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2
Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2, known to many as the Brief Encounter theme, has been voted the nation’s favourite piece of classical music. The work, featured throughout the 1945 film about lost love starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, came top in the poll of Classic FM listeners.

What’s the difference between encounter and meet?

As nouns the difference between encounter and meet is that encounter is an unplanned or unexpected meeting while meet is a sports competition, especially for athletics or swimming.

What does jampacked mean?

If somewhere is jam-packed, it is so full of people or things that there is no room for any more. [informal] His room was jam-packed with fruit, flowers, and gifts. Synonyms: crowded, full, packed, busy More Synonyms of jam-packed.

Was Brief Encounter a dream?

The film is told in an extended flashback, and it has been suggested that it is no more than a dream on Laura’s part; but even if that were so, it would not lessen its emotional power.

Where was brief encounter filmed?

Brief Encounter Film Locations at Carnforth Station, Lancashire.

How do you use encounter in a sentence?

Encounter sentence example

  1. The encounter had frightened him more than he would admit.
  2. The count remembered the wolf he had let slip and his encounter with Daniel.
  3. Dean was happy to move the subject away from Fitzgerald’s evening encounter with Lydia.

What is an encounter meeting?

1 : a meeting between hostile factions or persons : a sudden often violent clash an encounter between the police and demonstrators. 2a : a chance meeting an accidental encounter. b : a particular kind of meeting or experience with another person a romantic encounter.

How old was brief encounter when it was filmed?

Brief Encounter, filmed during the last months of the war, is a tale of forbidden love and doing the right thing in an era of British stiff upper lips and high moral standards, and it is 70 years old.

Who are the actors in the movie Brief Encounter?

The film stars Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway and Joyce Carey. The screenplay is by Noël Coward, based on his 1936 one-act play Still Life. The soundtrack prominently features the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, with Eileen Joyce on piano.

Where was the railway station in Brief Encounter filmed?

Much of the film version was shot at Carnforth railway station in Lancashire, then a junction on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway.

Where was the country bridge in Brief Encounter filmed?

However, some of the urban scenes were shot in London or at Denham or Beaconsfield near Denham Studios where the film was made. The country bridge, which they go to twice in the film (including on their final day), is Middle Fell Bridge at Dungeon Ghyll in Cumbria.