What happens at the end of Evil Dead 2013?

Right after what we see in the film ends, Mia makes it out to the road. She’s exhausted and covered in blood. She passes out. A truck with a farmer (“Billy Bob”) and his wife happen upon her and they help her into the truck.

Was Evil Dead 2013 Good?

Critical response. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 63% based on 201 reviews and an average rating of 6.16/10. The consensus states: “It may lack the absurd humor that underlined the original, but the new-look Evil Dead compensates with brutal terror, gory scares, and gleefully bloody violence.”

How much blood did Evil Dead 2013 use?

70,000 gallons
According to reports in the press, the film used 70,000 gallons of fake blood. In an interview, Fede Alvarez said they used 50,000 gallons for the final scene alone. This is compared to the 200-300 gallons used in the original.

How did Mia get possessed in Evil Dead?

As she attempts to crawl to safety, the briers seemingly tighten around her body, preventing her from escaping. Her doppelganger appears once again, vomiting up a slimy appendage, which rapes Mia, effectively possessing her.

Does Ash survive Evil Dead?

The Evil Dead They are possessed and killed one by one, until only Ash remains. He finally destroys the Book of the Dead by throwing it in the fireplace, and in doing so causes the possessed bodies of Scott and Cheryl to rapidly decay and “die”.

Who survives in Evil Dead?

The Evil Dead (1981)

Name Cause of death On-Screen
Linda Possession No
Demon Linda Decapitated by ash with a shovel was later resurrected by the evil Yes
Scotty Received injuries from the evil trees and died because of the injuries No
Demon Scotty Disintegrated when ash threw the necronomicon into a fire Yes

How much fake blood did Evil Dead?

When the 2013 remake of The Evil Dead was on its way to theaters, it was reported that the production had used 70,000 gallons of fake blood.

What drug is MIA in Evil Dead?

Story. In Evil Dead, Mia, David, Olivia, Natalie, and Eric, go to Mia’s parents’ cabin in the woods. There, she decides to “play cold turkey” and dumps her heroin supply down the well. When suffering withdrawal effects, she smells something dead in the cabin, though no one else can seem to smell it.

Why is Ash The Chosen One Evil Dead?

Born in 1969, Ashley James Williams was a child that had been touched by the light of God which made him the chosen one. A cult which worshiped the Necronomicon tracked him down and cursed him to be tormented by the deadites while baby Ash was still in the hospital.