What happened to Miss Colombia at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant?

The host of the Miss Universe has apologised after mistakenly naming the wrong woman as winner, leaving Miss Colombia empty-handed. After the error, Ariadna Gutierrez was instead declared runner-up and surrendered her crown to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

What is the answer of Pia Wurtzbach in Miss Universe?

Winning Answer: To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country, which is the Philippines.

What happened at 2015 Miss Universe?

For a brief moment on Sunday evening, Miss Colombia’s dreams came true. Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned winner of Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas before host Steve Harvey recognised his error. A few painful moments passed before Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was correctly named winner.

What happened between Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia?

Harvey got off on the wrong foot during his opening monologue Sunday when he referenced his 2015 error in which he accidentally crowned Miss Colombia the winner, only to later name Miss Philippines as the correct one. “Colombia’s gotten over that,” he said. “They’ve forgiven me. Well, not all of them.

Why did Miss Colombia lose her leg?

In the process, doctors realized that the mass was affecting her heart, which led the former Miss Colombia to have to have multiple surgeries and grafts. During her third surgery, she explains that she lost blood circulation to her left foot.

Why Steve Harvey Miss Universe mistake?

According to Harvey the mistake wasn’t really his fault. The “Family Feud” host said when they ran through the show at rehearsal, they would only read two names: the second runner-up and Miss Universe. Harvey said a last minute change to read three names on stage the night of the show created the chaos.