What happened to Ludwig drums?

Ludwig Drums: A Move Away from Home In 1981, William F. Ludwig II retired and the Ludwig drum name was sold yet again – this time to The Selmer Company. This culminated in a huge operations shift in 1984 (the 75th anniversary of Ludwig production) as they moved from their home in Chicago to Monroe in North Carolina.

What is Ludwig Super Classic?

The term “Classic” is used to identify Ludwig’s top-of-the-line shells in the 60’s and 70’s and even later, that we are all familiar with. The term “Super Classic” denotes a specific, and readily identifiable, cataloged kit, consisting of 9×13, 16×16 and 14×22 shell sizes.

Why is Ludwig so popular?

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When did the first Ludwig drums come out?

Ludwig drums could also be identified even further, than simply from the badge, into a specific time period of the 70’s by the construction of the shell, and the hardware used throughout the drum. Ludwig shells from 1970-1975 carried the 3-ply maple/ poplar/ maple with the re-enforcement ring construction of the late 60’s.

Where did the Ludwig Vistalite drum kit come from?

A real gem of a Vistalite kit in rare fashion. This kit is an original “Super” set-up with factory ordered rail mount, extremely rare for Vistalite drums. Shells were produced by USA manufacture Cadillac Motors, while final assembly and cuts were done by Ludwig in Chicago.

How big are the Ludwig bass drum shells?

Ludwig did however offer component sizes that one could custom configure a kit from. The amount of people that went that route were very few, and those in first generation Psych Red are even fewer! Availability: Sold out Shell sizes Bass drum – 14” x 28” Floor tom – 16” x 16” Floor tom – 18” x 20” Tom tom – 12” x 15”

Where can I find a Ludwig snare drum catalogue?

DRUMARCHIVE.COM HOME LINKS CONTACT Company website : http://www.ludwig-drums.com/ Tribute website : http://www.ludwigdrummer.com/ 1922 Ludwig snare drum (82Kb JPEG) 1922 Ludwig catalogue (5.51Mb PDF) 1922A Ludwig catalogue (28Mb PDF) 1923 Ludwig catalogue (10.9Mb PDF) 1924 Ludwig Aero Kraft catalogue (18.4Mb PDF) 1927 Ludwig catalogue