What happened to Jenna Marbles dog?

Peach, Julien’s 6-year-old feisty Italian Greyhound, had a bout of severe gastroenteritis that briefly put her in critical care, though she’s now on a special prescribed diet and has since recovered.

Is Jenna Marbles dog alive?

He was named after a puppet from the sit-com “Seinfeld.” Marbles has literally been dead for years, but the grim reaper forgot to come take his soul. Until he realizes his mistake, Marbles is immortal. Before Kermit, Marbles was best friends with a female black rabbit named Jasmine bought by Jenna’s old roommate.

What kind of dog does Jenna Marbles have?

Italian greyhound
Marbles, a Chihuahua, and an Italian greyhound, Kermit (a.k.a. Kermie Worm) — make frequent appearances. The pups have become minor celebs in their own right: Mourey sells stuffed dog toy replicas of them on her blog site at jennamarblesblog.com/shop.

What are this Jenna Marbles peach?

Peachy “girl“ Mourey-Solomita is Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita’s third dog, owned by Julien. Her birthday is on the 15th of June. She is the wife/half sister of Kermit. She is the older sister of Bunny.

What disease does Julien Solomita have?

Solomita suffers from Celiac Disease, which means he is allergic to gluten.

How rich is Jennamarbles?

Introduction. As of 2021, Jenna Marbles’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $8 million, and she currently has over 2.6 billion viewers in YouTube. Jenna Nicole Mourey, known as Jenna Marbles, is an American actress, comedian and YouTube personality from New York.

Is Jenna Marbles active on any social media?

The former YouTube star quietly deactivated her Twitter account, along with her fiance Julien Solomita, with their accounts no longer available to view. Jenna’s Instagram account is still available, but her last post was over a year ago.

Is Jennamarbles engaged?

Congratulations are in order for YouTubers Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita, who have announced their engagement after dating for almost 10 years. He said: “A little while ago, I asked Jenna to marry me and she said yes. So, we are engaged.”

What disease does Kermit have Jenna Marbles?

What is Cushing’s disease? Cushing’s disease, or hyperadrenocorticism to give it its proper name, is a condition where the body overproduces the cortisol steroid hormone.

Why did Jenna Marbles stop uploading?

YouTuber Jenna Marbles has announced she’s leaving the video sharing site. In an eleven-minute video, she talks about what she describes as “shameful” content she’s made in the past. These include a 2011 blackface impersonation of Nicki Minaj. …

How rich is Jenna Marbles?