What Gen is AMD FX 6300?


Market: Desktop
Generation: FX (Vishera)
Part#: FD6300WMHKBOX
Memory Support: DDR3 Dual-channel
ECC Memory: No

How much can you overclock AMD FX 6300?

The FX6300’s base clock speed is 3.5ghz. It has two turbo speeds of 4.1ghz when only 2 cores are needed, and 3.8ghz when all 6 cores are needed. Setting all 6 cores to 4.0ghz would yield a small advantage. Of course you could just overclock it a tad more to 4.1 or 4.2ghz if possible to remove all doubt.

Can I stream with a AMD FX 6300?

FX-6300 should have no problems streaming 1080p / 30 fps if it’s a dedicated streaming PC and the game is being played with a secondary computer. No reason to go 1080p / 60 fps since flash tends to suck playing back a stream like that. A capture card is not really necessary if you are streaming with two PC’s.

Can AMD FX-6300 run warzone?

Thankfully, if you just want to get your game on with Call of Duty: Warzone without spending the cash on Modern Warfare too, the download will be a more manageable 83 – 101GB….Call of Duty: Warzone system requirements.

Call of Duty: Warzone minimum PC specs
CPU Intel Core i3 4340 | AMD FX-6300
Graphics card Nvidia GTX 1650 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
Memory 8GB RAM

Can AMD FX-6300 run GTA 5?

At 4ghz a 6300 can easily power a 1050ti, I’ve had one running with a gtx 970 for the last 2 years. 50-60fps on GTA v at high settings.

How can I speed up my AMD FX-6300?

If you turn off turbo, you can OC the FX-6300 to run at 3.8GHz all the time by simply changing the CPU multiplier to 19. Or the turbo speed of 4.1GHz by upping it to 20.5. You may have to watch temps at 4.1GHz if you are using the stock cooler. It may get too hot.

Can I overclock my AMD FX-6300?

Overclocking the FX-6300 from its stock speeds all the way up to 4.8GHz introduces massive performance gains; at 4.8GHz, our benchmark takes roughly 2/3 the amount of time it takes to run at stock.

What’s the difference between AMD FX 6300 and 6350?

The table below compares support for x86 extensions and technologies, as well as individual instructions and low-level features of the AMD FX-6300 and AMD FX-6350 microprocessors. Information in this table was retrieved from actual processors using CPUID instruction, and we also utilized internal timer to measure CPU frequency.

When did the AMD Radeon HD 6350 come out?

The Radeon HD 6350 was an entry-level graphics card by AMD, launched in February 2011.

Which is better Intel HD 2000 or AMD HD 6350?

Faster peak multi rendering. Based on 44,576,739 GPUs tested. Insanely higher market share. Hugely better peak texture detail. Faster peak complex splatting. Hugely better texture detail. Faster complex splatting. At least it’s better than Intel HD 2000 integrated graphics.

What’s the difference between AMD Radeon HD 6350 and GeForce 210?

Release date ≤ Q2 2014. Release date ≤ Q2 2014. Faster effective speed. Better lighting effects. Hugely better reflection handling. Faster NBody calculation. Slightly better peak lighting effects. Better peak reflection handling. Faster peak multi rendering. Based on 44,576,739 GPUs tested. Insanely higher market share.