What episode of DBZ does Vegeta fight Android 18?

18 vs Vegeta”) is the sixty-fifth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on July 18, 2010.

Who won Vegeta vs Android 18?

Super Saiyan Vegeta vs. Android 18 Android 18 has agreed to fight Vegeta, so the two prepare to face off. Android 18 gets the battle started quick by charging at Vegeta and unleashing a flurry of blows, but Vegeta manages to block them all. Android 17 says that Vegeta is not a bad fighter.

What is the power level of Android 18?

According to the board game Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game Android 18 has a power level that clocks in at an insane 30,000,000. To put that into context, Goku had a power level of about 1.2 million at the end of the Frieza Saga.

What does Android 18 say to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Android 17 begins to walk towards the Z Fighters, and Future Trunks tells Vegeta that they must run, and that his pride is no good if he dies. Android 18 mockingly tells him he can leave, but Vegeta says that he is about to finish her off, and that he would rather die before join forces with the Z Fighters.

Who is on the cover of Vegeta vs Android 18?

“Vegeta vs. No. 18”) is the one hundred fifty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred fifty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga . The cover of the chapter shows Super Saiyan Vegeta facing Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18 .

Who is Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z?

Android 18 is the twin sister of Android 17 and is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball series. She was absorbed by Cell in order to reach his perfect form, but was then saved by Gohan after kicking Cell so hard that it made him throw up 18. She was then protected by Krillin during the battle between Gohan and Cell.

Is there any filler in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

In this filler guide, we will see how much canon vs filler material is in Dragon Ball Z Kai, a remastered release of the classic DBZ series. Dragon Ball Z Kai took much of the material from Dragon Ball Z and remastered it to include HD image quality, improved sound and effects.