What episode of Boruto is Sasuke vs Kinshiki?

Sasuke fights Kinshiki at Kaguya’s palace in Episode 54 of the Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, with the title: “Sasuke and Boruto”.

In what movie does Naruto fight Momoshiki?

Boruto: Naruto the Movie
The arc is an adaptation of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, focusing on the Chūnin Exams held in Konohagakure and the eventual Ōtsutsuki invasion. The manga version exhibits some redesigns and new concepts that would be featured in later arcs.

Does Sasuke only have 1 arm in Boruto?

One of the key elements with Sasuke going into Boruto is the fact that he only has one arm. It was a choice he made since regrowing it with Hashirama’s cells would take months. Given that he was about to embark on a journey of both redemption and discovery, he didn’t want to waste the time.

Is Momoshiki stronger than Isshiki?

Momoshiki is one of the very few characters in the series who is actually capable of defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki. He appeared in the series along with Kinshiki to hunt down Naruto Uzumaki. After absorbing Kinshiki, his powers were great enough for him to overpower Naruto and Sasuke individually.

Did Sasuke lose his Rinnegan?

Sasuke Uchiha lost his Rinnegan to Momoshiki Otsutsuki shortly after Naruto’s fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki concluded. Just as everything appeared to be done, Momoshiki Otsutsuki took control of Boruto’s body, took Sasuke by surprise, and stabbed his eye with a kunai.

Can Naruto beat Momoshiki alone?

While Naruto did need Sasuke’s help to defeat Momoshiki Otsutsuki, it is important to note that he was at half his full strength during the fight, having exactly half his chakra extracted by Momoshiki himself. At full power, it is highly likely that Naruto Uzumaki is stronger than Momoshiki.

Why does Sasuke have one Rinnegan?

Sasuke’s Rinnegan is exactly the same Rinnegan of Kaguya’s 3rd eye and Madara’s 3rd eye. Since, Madara’s 3rd eye and Kaguya’s 3rd eye are one and the same, this means that there is only one such eye. This Rinnegan with Sharingan tomoe has always been a one eye case from the beginning.