What episode does Mulder find out the baby is his?

William (The X-Files)

Episode no. Season 9 Episode 16
Directed by David Duchovny
Story by David Duchovny Chris Carter Frank Spotnitz
Teleplay by Chris Carter

Who was the father of Agent Scully’s baby?

But as viewers learned in the season 11 premiere, William was not biologically Mulder’s son — he was CSM’s, who drugged and medically impregnated an unwilling Scully. (CSM is also Mulder’s biological father.) William kept his Mulder persona, and confronted their father on a dock … who shot Mulder/William in the head.

Did Mulder and Scully have a baby together?

In the seventh season finale, “Requiem”, Scully mysteriously became pregnant. The child, named William, after her own father, as well as Mulder’s father, was born at the end of the eighth season.

How did Mulder find out Scully is pregnant?

He claims there are other women out there like Kath before he leaves. He calls Doctor Lev in the elevator to inform him about being called back into the FBI as they knew would occur. A flashback reveals that Mulder agreed to conceive a child with Scully through in vitro fertilization through Doctor Parenti.

How did Scully get pregnant in Season 11?

The season 11 premiere reveals that Cigarette Smoking Man had drugged and impregnated Scully with the first “superhuman child“, without her consent, 17 years ago.

Who killed Samantha Mulder?

John L. Roche
Later in the fourth season, Mulder becomes convinced that Samantha was kidnapped and murdered by John L. Roche. Roche is a serial killer whom Mulder previously profiled, and helped lock up for the murder of thirteen young girls.

Was Doggett in love with Scully?

I got the pretty clear sense that John Doggett was in love with Dana Scully. And of course Dana Scully was in love with Fox Mulder. So, you sense this heartbreak, you know, she’s in love with this guy and he wants to be there for her and he can’t be, because her heart’s taken by someone else. MULDER (OBVS)

Is Scully immortal?

There are countless references to Scully’s immortality in the show, but none make the case better than the words of The X-Files’ creator, Chris Carter. In 2014, Carter stated on a Reddit AMA that Scully is, in fact, immortal.

Is Scully Mulder’s sister?

Samantha Ann Mulder is a fictional character in the television series The X-Files. She is the younger sister of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder and the daughter of Teena and Bill Mulder. As a child, Samantha was abducted, ostensibly by aliens, and was never returned.