What does to hit the floor running mean?

Seize an opportunity; begin at full speed. For example, As soon as the front office gave its approval for the new department, we hit the ground running.

What does the phrase hit the deck mean?

: to drop down to the floor suddenly She hit the deck when the gunfire started.

What is a word for hit the ground running?

What is another word for hit the ground running?

commence begin
initiate inaugurate
lead off embark on
get going institute
kick off launch

How do you hit the ground running?

‘Hit the Ground Running’ means to immediately start an activity and work very hard and with full commitment. Example of use: “As soon as the CEO approval of the new product came through, the entire office hit the ground running”.

What is the meaning of all hands on deck?

: of, relating to, or being a situation in which every available person is needed or called to assist an all-hands-on-deck effort “Overwhelmingly the response I heard is that we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin,” [Governor Tony] Evers said.—

What is in Hit the Deck?

Fall to the ground, usually for protection. For example, As the planes approached, we hit the deck, or We heard shooting and hit the dirt. In the early 1900s the first expression was nautical slang for “jump out of bed,” or “wake up,” and somewhat later, “get going.” The current meaning dates from the 1920s.

How do you hit the ground running phrase?

to be ready to work immediately on a new activity: She studied the reports over the weekend so she could hit the ground running when the meeting began.

Is hit the ground running an idiom?

The idiom hit the ground running came into use during the early 1900s. An idiom is a figure of speech that is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal definition. The phrase hit the ground running came into use in a literal sense in the late 1800s.

Should all hands on deck?

If a situation requires all hands on deck, it needs everyone to work hard to achieve an aim or do a task.

What does hit the deck mean in English?

Here it means the floor or ground. 1 fall to the ground suddenly: When we heard the shooting we hit the deck. ♢ The champion landed another heavy punch and the challenger hit the deck for the third time. 2 ( American English) get out of bed: Come on!

Who are the actors in hit the deck?

Hit the Deck is a 1955 American musical film directed by Roy Rowland and starring Jane Powell, Tony Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Walter Pidgeon, Vic Damone, Gene Raymond, Ann Miller, and Russ Tamblyn.

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What happens if someone hits the deck of a ship?

hit the deck. If someone or something hits the deck, they suddenly fall to the ground. `We’ll have to get a doctor!’ I hit the deck yowling. My hands were wrapped round my knees.