What does throw into mean?

intransitive verb. : to enter into association or partnership : join agrees to throw in with a crooked ex-cop — Newsweek. throw in the towel or less commonly throw in the sponge. : to abandon a struggle or contest : acknowledge defeat : give up.

What does Disarayed mean?

verb. disarrayed; disarraying; disarrays. Definition of disarray (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to throw into disorder The discarded magazines and newspapers, the layers of dust and disarrayed rugs …—

What is disarray State?

Disarray is defined as a state of chaos or disorganization. When everything is a total mess, this is an example of disarray. noun.

What does Disarrange mean?

transitive verb. : to disturb the arrangement or order of hair disarranged by the wind.

What does back step mean?

1 : to take a step backward Gwynn deflected the axe again and backstepped rapidly, trying to get some space in which to catch a breath.—

How do you use throw in?

The throws keyword is used to declare which exceptions can be thrown from a method, while the throw keyword is used to explicitly throw an exception within a method or block of code. The throws keyword is used in a method signature and declares which exceptions can be thrown from a method.

How do you use disarray in a sentence?

Disarray sentence example

  1. The strikes were enough to cause disarray among the men.
  2. But with Mr.
  3. With the rest of her life in disarray , she didn’t expect her apartment to look …
  4. She turned to see the hall in disarray , a mist darker than night slowly creeping through the crowd.

Is Disarrayment a word?

Disarrayment meaning (archaic, rare) Disorder; disarray.

What does untidiness mean?

1a : not neat : slovenly their untidy kitchen. b : not neat or orderly in habits or procedure an untidy mind. 2a : not neatly organized or carried out an untidy manuscript. b : conducive to a lack of neatness untidy tasks like bathing the baby — New Yorker.

How do you use disarray?

Disarray in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Since the toddler twins have been acting wildly today, my entire house is in disarray.
  2. During tax season, Hank’s desk is cluttered in disarray with hundreds of receipts.
  3. The robbers left the store in disarray after they could not find the rare gems.

What does Muttled mean?

: to cause confusion in (someone or someone’s mind) : to mix up (something) in a confused way. muddle.