What does the surname Lupescu mean?

Lupescu is a surname of Romanian origin, derived from the Romanian word lup (“wolf”), from Latin lupus (“wolf”). Its Italian equivalent is Lupo, its French equivalent is Loup, its Catalan equivalent is Llopis, its Spanish equivalent is López, and its Portuguese equivalent is Lopes.

What happened to Prince Carol of Romania?

After World War II, Carol II wanted to return to the helm of the country and dethrone his son again, but was stopped by the Western Allies. He eventually married Elena Lupescu and died in exile.

Who was King Carol of Romania?

Carol I, original name Karl Eitel Friedrich, Prinz Von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, (born April 20, 1839, Sigmaringen, Prussia [now in Germany]—died October 10, 1914, Sinaia, Romania), first king of Romania, whose long reign (as prince, 1866–81, and as king, 1881–1914) brought notable military and economic development …

Does Romania have a royal family?

The current consort of the head of the Royal House of Romania is Prince Radu. The members of the Royal House of Romania are as follows: Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown; Prince Radu; Princess Elena; Princess Sofia. The spouses and children of the princesses do not hold royal titles.

How do you pronounce Lupescu?

Phonetic spelling of Lupescu

  1. loo-PES-koo.
  2. Lu-pescu.
  3. lu-pes-cu. Ana Goldner.

Who is Miss Lupescu in the graveyard book?

Miss Lupescu is a Hound of God—that is, a werewolf—who acts as Bod’s guardian whenever Silas is away. According to Miss Lupescu, Hounds of God don’t see their transformation to a wolf as a bad thing—rather, they see it as a gift from God.

Is Romania a kingdom?

On 24 January (O.S.) / 5 February 1862, the two principalities were formally united to form the Principality of Romania, with Bucharest as its capital. On 15 March 1881, as an assertion of full sovereignty, the Romanian parliament raised the country to the status of a kingdom, and Carol was crowned as king on 10 May.

What is the most common surname in Romania?

The most common Romanians surnames in 2007 were Popa (191,938 people), meaning “priest” and Popescu (147,784 people), meaning “priest’s son/daughter”.

What are common Romanian last names?

Romanian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings

  • Albescu. The root word for this Romanian surname is the word ‘alb’ that means ‘white’ in the Romanian language.
  • Albu. It is also derived from the word ‘alb,’ which stands for ‘white’ in Romanian.
  • Aldea.
  • Andrei.
  • Ardelean.
  • Baciu.
  • Balan.
  • Barbaneagra.

Who does Miss Lupescu turn out to really be?

Even though she seems like the substitute teacher from Hell, she turns out to be a werewolf who saves Bod from Hell. That’s right, when the ghouls drag Bod into Hell, it’s Miss Lupescu who rescues him.

What type of being is Miss Lupescu?

Miss Lupescu is a Hound of God—that is, a werewolf—who acts as Bod’s guardian whenever Silas is away.