What does the penny do on a penny stove?

Burning fuel in the center and outer ring of the burner heats the Cup and fuel. The heat causes fuel in the the center to run under the penny into the Cup and start to boil. Fuel in the outer ring lights the six Jets as gasses are released from boiling fuel in the Cup.

How do you make a penny stove?

Place a penny on top of the fuel port and pour a few milliliters of alcohol on top of the penny. Pour a small amount of fuel in the rim of the metal lid; this serves to prime the stove. Light the fuel in the lid and on the penny, and carefully place the pot stand around the stove.

What fuel does a penny stove use?

Trangia stoves can be adapted to burn many different fuel types including methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, isobutane, white gas, kerosene, jet fuel, and gasoline. This makes it highly adaptable for traveling in many different climates and conditions all over the globe. Stock Trangia burners burn fuel alcohol.

Why is it called a penny stove?

It is sometimes called a Pepsi/soda/beer can stove, a pocket size camp stove or a hobo hob. It is easy to make and very light to carry. It is called a penny stove because a penny is used to cover the hole where fuel is poured.

Are Penny stoves reusable?

Unlike canister stoves, you can take only what you plan to use. At the end of an alcohol fueled trip, you are carrying only a few ounces of stove weight and a tiny, recycled, empty, reusable, container. In addition, the Penny will always work. Even if you loose it, you can make another – even on the trail.

How long will a penny stove burn?

With a modified penny stove (for narrow pot), 12oz can size, 5 jets pointed in, 1 out towards rim, using a bent bottle cap to prime it, which also heats the pot/water), 2/3 oz runs around 7 or 8 minutes.

What is the cleanest burning alcohol?

Ethanol (ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol) is what we consume in beer, wine, and liquor. Pure ethanol burns the cleanest of any fuel, but is expensive and hard to find.

How long will an alcohol stove burn?

How long will it burn? It depends on how much denatured alcohol you use and your environmental conditions. Generally, 3oz of denatured alcohol will burn for about 15-20mins. Never refill your Alcohol Burner when in use.

Which is better a penny can stove or an alcohol stove?

Penny can stoves have a reputation of burning more efficiently than other alcohol stoves. They’re pressurized, at least more than other alcohol stoves, and the penny is used to vent the pressure so the stove won’t explode. I tried a penny can stove once and didn’t really see any difference.

What’s the best way to make a penny stove?

Wrap the paper template around the can leaving a gap between the ends, the edge of the paper should be positioned 5mm from the edge so your pin holes sit on the side, this allows for a pot to be placed directly on the stove. Start in the gap and make a pin hole in the centre of the gap and work around as shown in the picture.

Are there any myths about the soda can stove?

Rumor: The weight of the fuel makes an alcohol stove heavy to carry Myth: Pepsi cans make the best soda can stoves Rumor: Penny can stoves are the best alcohol stove Rumor: You don’t need a pot stand for a soda can stove Myth: Alcohol stoves don’t really work Yes they do! Ten-thousand thru-hikers can’t be wrong!

How long does it take for a penny stove to boil?

It is quick to prime, being ready for your pot less than 20 seconds after lighting and will boil aprox 500ml of cold water to a rolling boil in just under 6 minutes using less than 30ml of meths to light and boil with still some life in it if you needed to retain the water boiling for a little longer.