What does the ending of As Above So Below mean?

By the end of the film, Scarlett recognizes that they must confront their demons in order to escape. Once they confront what is “below” they are able to return to the “above”. Which, in this context, is their reality.

What does the ending of Gantz mean?

In Gantz 0’s ending, the survivors are warped back to Gantz’s apartment, and Kato learns he scored 100 points for the mission. He’s presented with the option of earning his freedom and having his memory of the whole nightmare wiped, or resurrecting a dead player. Naturally, he decides to bring Yamasaki back to life.

What was the point of As Above So Below?

At its heart As Above, So Below is a film about redemption and faith and borrows heavily from Dante’s Inferno to get that point across. It’s not the most straightforward of films, which is probably why many disliked it, but with its twist ending and nods to Dante, it’s a horror film with more to say than most.

What was Benji’s sin As Above So Below?

While waiting to climb down the rope, Benji is on the eight floor which in Dante’s Inferno would be the Eight Circle of Hell, called Fraud. He is pushed down the hole by a woman holding a baby, killing him instantly when he lands on the ninth floor, or Ninth Circle of Hell called Treachery.

Is Above So Below a true story?

As Above, So Below is a 2014 American horror film written and directed by John Erick Dowdle and co-written by his brother Drew. It is presented as found footage of a documentary crew’s experience exploring the Catacombs of Paris and was loosely based on the seven layers of Hell.

Who was the creepy girl in As Above So Below?

One alternate, and very loose possible explanation, is that she is somehow Marie Antoinette. This is hinted at by the inscription on the wall that is seen where Benji is sitting, AD1793, which is the year that Marie was executed.

Will there be a Gantz 2?

The films are titled Gantz, the sequel Gantz: Perfect Answer, and a made-for-TV movie titled Another Gantz.

Why didnt the stone work As Above So Below?

It didn’t. Scarlett had placed her hand over the wound the first time, believing she (through the stone, technically) had the power to heal. So it worked. The reason why it didn’t work after that was because she just used the bits of stone, she didn’t herself touch it.

Who is the woman in as above so below?

actress Perdita Weeks
Branching out from a resume consisting mostly of small roles in upscale literary projects, British actress Perdita Weeks plays Scarlet, a woman who will stop at nothing to get to the “truth.” Fluent in six languages and a black belt in karate, this readymade heroine probably came preloaded with the Dowdles’ …

Are there secret tunnels in the catacombs?

Some passages can be very low, narrow, or partially flooded. Because of these dangers, accessing the other parts of the Catacombs has been illegal since 2 November, 1955. Secret entrances do, however, exist throughout Paris via the sewers, the Métro, and certain manholes.

How accurate is As Above So Below?

Although the plot was entirely fictional, the basis for the story is rooted in fact. Here is everything you need to know about the true story of As Above So Below. Unfortunately, the history behind the catacombs isn’t spooky, just sad. Louis the XVI had two problems during his reign.