What does the downhole card represent?

Therefore, the downhole dynamometer card can be defined as a plot of the Page 10 OptiRamp® Rod Pump Diagnostics White Paper Copyright © 2014, Chevron and S&C proprietary information. All rights reserved. 10 calculated loads at various rod displacement positions of the pump stroke; the downhole card represents the load …

What does a dynamometer card show?

The surface dynamometer cards record the history of the variations in loading on the polished rod during a cycle. The cards have three principal uses: 1. To obtain information that can be used to determine load, torque, and horsepower changes required of the pump equipment.

What is pump card?

The Wave Equation models the elastic behavior of the rod string in its dynamic motion—which allows the surface measurements acquired from the polished rod to be “waved” downhole to the pump to generate a plot of the Load vs Position on the pump’s plunger. This plot is known as the downhole Pump Card.

What does fluid pound mean?

1. n. [Production Testing] A phenomenon that occurs when the downhole pump rate exceeds the production rate of the formation. It can also be due to the accumulation of low-pressure gas between the valves.

What is meant by dynamometer?

Dynamometer, device for measuring mechanical force, or power, transmitted by a rotating shaft. Since power is the product of torque (turning force) and angular speed, all power-measuring dynamometers are essentially torque-measuring devices; the shaft speed is measured separately.

Who invented the dynamometer?

Edmé Régnier
The Regnier dynamometer was invented and made public in 1798 by Edmé Régnier, a French rifle maker and engineer. A patent was issued (dated June 1817) to Siebe and Marriot of Fleet Street, London for an improved weighing machine. Gaspard de Prony invented the de Prony brake in 1821.

How many fl oz are in a pound?

1 pound (lb) = 15.3377827 fluid ounces (fl oz). Pound (lb) is a unit of Weight used in Standard system. Fluid Ounces (fl oz) is a unit of Volume used in Standard system. Please note this is weight to volume conversion, this conversion is valid only for pure water at temperature 4 °C.

What is gas interference?

1. n. [Production Testing] A phenomenon that occurs when gas enters the subsurface sucker-rod pump. After the downstroke begins, the compressed gas reaches the pressure needed to open the traveling valve before the traveling valve reaches liquid.

Why is dynamometer used?

A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a device for measuring force, moment of force (torque), or power. A dynamometer can also be used to determine the torque and power required to operate a driven machine such as a pump. In that case, a motoring or driving dynamometer is used.

What are the types of dynamometer?

Absorption dynamometers can be equipped with two types of control systems to provide different main test types.

  • Constant force.
  • Constant speed.
  • Types of absorption units.
  • Eddy current type absorber.
  • Powder dynamometer.
  • Hysteresis dynamometers.
  • Electric motor/generator dynamometer.
  • Fan brake.

Which is the most accurate dynamometer?

Explanation: Swinging field type dynamometer is the most accurate dynamometer. It consists of an electrical machine which may be run either by motor or generator.

How much does 8 fl oz weigh?

In the US customary measurement system, then, one cup of water, which is 8 fluid ounces (fl. oz) in volume, is actually 8.3214 oz in weight….How much does water weigh?

US Customary Volume 1 cup
Multiplier (exact) = 8 fl oz
Metric Volume* 236.6 mL
Avoirdupois Weight 8.321 oz
Metric Weight 235.9 g