What does sleep like a top mean?

sleep very soundly
sleep like a top in British English to sleep very soundly.

Why do people say slept like a top?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Sleep like a top’? The British Museum has on display tops from Egypt, dating from around 1250 BC. When a top is spinning well the precessional effect causes its axis to remain stationary and it can appear to be still, that is, ‘sleeping’. The expression ‘sleep like a top’ is quite old.

What does the metaphor sleep like a log mean?

informal. : to sleep very well. Our team at The Usage has selected the best alarm clocks of 2021.

Who sleep like this meaning?

Sleep very soundly, as in I slept like a log, or She said she slept like a top. Both of these similes transfer the immobility of an object to that of a person who is sound asleep (since a top spinning quickly looks immobile).

Why do they call it sleeping with someone?

The related phrase sleep together means “have sexual relations,” as in We wondered if they were sleeping together but didn’t dare to ask them. The verb sleep has been associated with sex since the 10th century. Sleep with dates from the 1300s sleep together was first recorded a century later.

What does it mean to sleep together?

informal. : to have sex with each other She found out that her husband and his secretary were sleeping together.

What does run like a top mean?

Filters. (simile, usually of motorized machinery) To operate flawlessly and smoothly. I’ve just tuned my car, and now it’s running like a top.

Where did sleep like a log come from?

Slept like a log It is thought to have come from the early pioneer days in North America when lumberjacking was popular. These burly men would cut down trees with basic tools, such as band saws. The trees were then cut into big logs.

Is I slept like a log a metaphor?

The expression is thought to be a metaphor, as the logs cut were large heavy blocks that were difficult to move, and the lumberjacks, once asleep, could be compared to these immovable logs.

Is it good to sleep like a log?

Sleep like a log: to sleep very soundly (deeply) — so well that noises don’t even wake you up. It’s so heavy and big it would just stay there in the same position and sleep. A log is very hard to move (or disturb). So this is a really easy idiom to remember.

Do logs sleep?

This one seems pretty intuitive, right? Logs are immobile and difficult to move, just like someone sleeping soundly. Some historians believe that this phrase actually comes from the sound of sawing being similar to the sound of snoring!

How do you say go to sleep?

Other Ways to Say ” I’m Going to Sleep”

  1. I’m going to crash.
  2. I’m going to catch some Zs.
  3. I’m off to bed.
  4. Get to sleep.
  5. I’m going to hit the hay.
  6. I’m going to hit the sack.
  7. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
  8. I’m going to take a nap.

What is the meaning of the phrase’sleep like a top’?

Similes of the ‘like a’ type usually relate some verb with a noun that possesses the property the simile is aiming to convey; for example, ‘ drink like a fish ‘, ‘ go over like a lead balloon ‘. Why ‘top’, or why ‘log’ in the related term ‘sleep like a log’ for that matter?

Where does the phrase’sleep like a log’come from?

[ My thanks to Peter Lukacs, ElizabethanDrama.org for the above citation.] Incidentally, ‘sleep like a log’ apparently derives from the immobility of logs, like tops, although some have suggested it to derive from the sound of sawing being like the sound of snoring.

Do you sleep like a log every night?

You’re going to sleep like a log tonight. I have to set numerous alarms for the morning because I sleep like a log every night! To experience a very deep and restful sleep; to sleep soundly. I can’t believe you finished a triathlon! You’re going to sleep like a rock tonight.

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