What does pittance mean?

: a small portion, amount, or allowance also : a meager wage or remuneration.

What is the antonym of pittance?

What is the opposite of pittance?

reject castaway
rejection castoff

How much money is a pittance?

Meaning of pittance in English. a very small amount of money, especially money received as payment, income, or a present: He works hard but he’s paid a pittance.

How do you use pittance in a sentence?

Pittance sentence example People earning a pittance will take years just to save this small amount. He learned and practised several small handicrafts, and devoting his nights to study of the most miscellaneous description earned a pittance by teaching. They were paid a pittance for lace made by the yard, .

How do you remember pittance?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pittance mnemonic : Pittance rhymes with Patience; You need to have patience to work all day for a mere pittance. The opposite of what Brad Pitt Earns. U feel pity for servants who get less payment and can’t even afford two time meals..

What does manacled mean in English?

manacled; manacling\ ˈma-​ni-​k(ə-​)liŋ \ Definition of manacle (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to confine (the hands) with manacles. 2 : to make fast or secure : bind broadly : to restrain from movement, progress, or action.

What is the synonym of paltry?

1’a paltry sum of money’ small, meagre, trifling, insignificant, negligible, inadequate, insufficient, scant, scanty, derisory, pitiful, pitiable, pathetic, miserable, sorry, wretched, puny, trivial, niggardly, beggarly, mean, ungenerous, inappreciable, mere.

What is the synonym of uplifting?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for uplifting, like: improving, elating, inspirational, aggrandizing, magnifying, intoxicating, glorifying, lifting, exalting, ennobling and dignifying.

What does 1010011010 mean in binary?

Trivia (14) The binary code reflected in the mirror (itself a parody of the “Redrum/Murder” scene in The Shining (1980)) reads 1010011010, that is, “666” in binary code.

How do you use the word compliance?

Compliance sentence example

  1. If you are in compliance with the law, you must prove it!
  2. The company was in compliance with the various safety regulations.
  3. Compliance audits were held throughout the company.
  4. For this report Miss Sullivan prepared, in reluctant compliance with the request of Mr.

How do you use the word pedigree?

Pedigree in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The dog’s pedigree identifies his parents as two purebreds.
  2. When the police reviewed the pedigree of the so-called prince, they learned he was not a member of any of the royal families.
  3. The pedigree of the unusual fruit can be traced back to several different species of fruit.

What is the meaning of next to you?

Next to you means that this (something) is nearby. This can mean anywhere– above, below, beside to the right or left, in front of, etc– as long as it is close by. By your side can also hold an affectionate meaning you would say to a loved one: “I will always be by your side.” meaning I will always be with you.