What does occupies mean?

to take or fill up (space, time, etc.): I occupied my evenings reading novels. to engage or employ the mind, energy, or attention of: Occupy the children with a game while I prepare dinner. to be a resident or tenant of; dwell in:We occupied the same house for 20 years.

How is space defined in architecture?

Space is one of the elements of design of architecture, as space is continuously studied for its usage. Architectural designs are created by carving space out of space, creating space out of space, and designing spaces by dividing this space using various tools, such as geometry, colours, and shapes.

What is occupied space called?

Solution: The space occupied by an object is called its volume.

What is the space the audience occupies?

absolute space – physical space independent of what occupies it.

What’s the meaning of deathless?

: immortal, imperishable deathless fame.

What does Occupied mean in text?

having ones attention or mind or energy engaged. “she keeps herself fully occupied with volunteer activities”; “deeply engaged in conversation”

Why is space is important in architecture?

Since it is our human nature to explore our senses, it is one of the architect’s responsibilities to continuously look for new ways to stimulate the built environment both on the exterior and on the interior. Of all our senses, our sense of sight is the most significant.

What is space in design?

The Element of Design Space refers to the area within, around, above or below an object or objects. It is important to creating and understanding both two dimensional or three dimensional works of art. Two dimensionall art exists on a flat surface, so if something looks three dimensional- it is an illusion!

Which is the space occupied by a shape?

Volume is the amount of space enclosed by an object or shape, how much 3-dimensional space (length, height, and width) it occupies. A flat shape like triangle, square and rectangle occupies surface on the plane.

What is called the space occupied by any closed shape?

The space covered by a closed figure is called total surface area. Explanation: The area occupied by a closed solid figure is called total surface area. The total surface area varies based on the shape of the solid object.

How does size affect the space occupied by an object?

Answer: A smaller picture on a computer screen equals a smaller retinal size (i.e., the absolute size of the object on the retina). In reality, the retinal size of an object changes proportionally with distance between the object and the observer, meaning that a smaller object implies a larger distance.

Is the space occupied by any container?

If something is in a solid state of matter, it has a definite shape and volume. The volume of an object is the amount of space it occupies. A liquid takes that shape of its container. If something is in a liquid state of matter, it will have a definite volume, but an indefinite shape.