What does my incarnation cross mean?

Your Incarnation Cross is something that will slowly emerge over time as you live in unison with your individualized nature, and culminates in the full expression of your potential. It usually comes into play around the Uranus opposition, age 38-42, when you have planted a solid foundation and have a clear direction.

What is left angle incarnation cross?

If your Incarnation Cross is a Left Angled Cross, you have an “Interpersonal” Life Theme. Each Interpersonal Life Theme shows up only twice each year and has 2 possible variations. If your Incarnation Cross is a Juxtaposition Cross, you have a “Fixed” Life Theme.

What is a right angle cross in human design?

This theme represents where your life direction or life purpose lies IF you follow your strategy and inner inner authority correctly. There are 768 basic Incarnation cross variations in Human Design. 448 are Right Angle crosses – Personal Destiny. It is this thematic name that appears on your Human Design chart.

What is profile in human design?

The profile calculation is based on the position of your personality sun/earth and your design sun/earth in the bodygraph. The personality is who you think you are and what you identify with, combined with your unconscious design calculation representing your physical body.

What is a manifesting generator in human design?

Manifesting Generators are Generators that have a connection to a defined throat/manifesting center. They’re a hybrid of the Generator type and the Manifestor type. Essentially becoming a Manifestor in waiting—able to initiate and make things happen easily, but only after listening to a gut response.

What does not self theme mean?

The term “Not-Self” is just a term that is used to describe the part of us that the mind falsely identifies as “me”, as who I am. Some have misinterpreted this term as being a bad thing. They might say, “oh that’s your not-self” or “oh that’s my not-self”, meaning she/he or I was doing something bad or wrong.

What is strategy in human design?

What is “Strategy” in Human Design? Strategy is the way your aura is designed to move through the world. Your Design Type outlines how your aura “operates”. A Manifestor’s aura is so dense (think of a thick impenetrable cloud around the body) that it pushes other auras that come into contact with.

What do the channels mean in human design?

A channel is when two gates connect to form a direct relationship between energy centers. When two energy centers are connected by a channel, they automatically become “defined”. This can suggest where you may feel particularly in sync or in flow.

What is a Manifestor in human design?

Human Design – The Manifestor The Manifestor is designed and seeks to have Impact on the world and others. A Manifestor must always refer to their Inner Authority before acting. Manifestors who do not follow their Strategy and Inner Authority will meet great resistance and suspicion from other people.

What is Strategy in human design?

What do the profile numbers mean in human design?

The first number in your Profile is something that you’re more conscious of, whereas the second number is something you’re more unconscious of. Even though the second number is unconscious, once you discover this aspect about yourself, you can work with it to make the most out of its gifts.