What does MWM mean on Craigslist?

What does MWM stand for? Most commonly, MWM stands for “Married White Male.” According to Online Slang Dictionary, this is used mainly in personal ads for people seeking discreet encounters. These men are normally looking to cheat on their partners.

What NSA means?

National Security Agency
The National Security Agency (NSA) is a federal government intelligence agency that is part of the United States Department of Defense and is managed under the authority of the director of national intelligence (DNI).

What FWB means in Craigslist?

-FWB – friends with benefits, not really, see NSA.

What is ANR Craigslist?

ABR/ANR – Should you come across an ad for ABR/ANR, shut your laptop right away. It stands for Adult Breastfeeding Relationship or Adult Nursing Relationship. If you see an ad for fun times, it really means that the author hopes for a casual hookup.

What is NSA in dating?

A “no strings attached” relationship is one in which there are no special conditions or restrictions for emotional or physical fidelity or support.

What does AA mean on Craigslist?

In personal ads, AA often means African American, although it could also refer to Asian American. For residential or rental listings, or social-group posts, AA may mean Alcoholics Anonymous.

What does 419 mean on tinder?

419. Definition: For One Night (used in dating to mean a one-night stand) Type: Cyber Term.

What does it mean NSA fun?

The acronym NSA means “no strings attached.” As in, I’m not looking for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or serious commitment. I just want to have fun. People who are looking for no-strings-attached dates want a casual sexual encounter without making any promises about the future.

What does SS mean on Craigslist?

The abbreviation SS has a number of meanings, including “Screen Shot,” “Schutzstaffel,” “Short Stacked,” “Short Stop,” and “Missing.”

What does BTW mean on Craigslist?

BTW stands for “By The Way”. BTW is an acronym used everywhere on the internet – on message boards, internet forums, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, in email, texting, and instant messaging, and on websites like Craigslist or Reddit. BTW means By The Way.

What is a NSA hookup?

No Strings Attached (NSA) sex is another term for having sex with nothing (strings) bonding the two parties together. There is a culture of “hooking up” that has become popular among college students and young adults.

What does an AA female mean?

In personal ads, AA often means African American, although it could also refer to Asian American.

What does M, W and t stand for on Craigslist?

If there’s a plural form (mm4ww, mw4w, w4ww etc.), “m” will always be man, “w” will still be woman. And “t”… well you get the point. The first letter signifies marital status or sexual orientation, the second letter is race and the third is gender. Some variations: if a “p” appears somewhere in the middle, it means “professional.”

What do the acronyms stand for on Craigslist?

CL = Craigslist SP = Strictly Platonic CE = Casual Encounters RL = Real Life hwp = height weight proportionate iso = in search of/is seeking only IIRC = if I recall correctly btw = by the way LOL = laugh out loud LMAO = laughing my ass off ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off a/s/l = age/sex/location

What are the hidden code words on Craigslist?

For those looking for trouble, Craigslist is full of it. But for others, missing the hidden codewords implanted in an ad could land you in a sticky situation. A recent drug bust revealed that dealers attempted to sell the painkiller Roxicodone through the site.

What does it mean to get a massage on Craigslist?

Anything to do with massage or casual encounters – Under no circumstances sign up for a massage through Craigslist. If they’re listed as DDF it means they’re disease and drug free. But people on the Internet lie. Like, a lot. Newsweek reported that Craigslist hookups were responsible for a 16% increase in cases of HIV.