What does it mean to curb your?

transitive verb. If you curb an emotion or your behavior, you keep it under control. He curbed his temper.

What does curb your appetite mean?

it’s said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions. not on your tintype exp. absolutely not; not in this lifetime. Slang expression used mostly in 19th century.

What does it mean to curb behavior?

to control or limit something that is not wanted: The government should act to curb tax evasion. He is someone who finds it difficult to curb his fleshly desires. The police are trying to curb under-age drinking.

What do you mean by enthusiasm?

: strong excitement about something : a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy. : something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest : a hobby that someone feels enthusiastic about. See the full definition for enthusiasm in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does curb stomping do?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A curb stomp, also called curbing, curb checking, curb painting, or making someone bite the curb is a form of assault in which a victim’s mouth is forcefully placed on a curb and then stomped from behind, causing severe injuries and sometimes death.

What does curving mean?

Introducing “curving”: when someone rejects you in a way that is so sneaky, you probably won’t even recognise it as rejection. It’s a way of letting someone down without actually telling them you’re no longer interested.

What is the difference between curve and curb?

As nouns the difference between curve and curb is that curve is a gentle bend, such as in a road while curb is (north america) a row of concrete along the edge of a road; a kerb (uk ).

What does it mean to curve a girl?

What is an example of enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is defined as a lively interest for someone or something. An example of enthusiasm is a child’s great happiness at starting his first ceramics class. Intense or eager interest; zeal; fervor. …

Is it possible to stomp someone’s head?

Regardless of footwear and gender, it can be claimed that a forceful stomp or jump to someone’s head supported on the ground can cause facial and skull fractures. Thus, forceful stomps or jumps to someone’s head can cause potential fatal injuries independent of footwear, gender, or fitness level.