What does dunnage stand for?

Dunnage is inexpensive or waste material used to load and secure cargo during transportation; more loosely, it refers to miscellaneous baggage, brought along during travel.

What is the difference between dunnage and cribbing?

Cribbing: Blocking materials that are used to increase the bearing area and height. Dunnage:Loose materials used to support, separate and protect equipment, parts, and accessories during storage and stabilization.

Is a pallet considered dunnage?

Your Nationwide Pallet Network! Dunnage is commonly used in the transport industry in semi-trailers. Even food that is usually tightly packed and wrapped on wooden pallets often requires a material to be slipped in between to prevent jostling.

What are the reason for using dunnage?

Dunnage is used to prevent damage to goods while they are being loaded, transported and unloaded. It keeps items from moving around while in transit, regardless of whether they are sent by rail, road or sea. Dunnage air bags offer exceptional value and are more affordable than custom products.

What is another word for dunnage?

What is another word for dunnage?

possession goods
plunder moveables
personalty property
impedimenta trappings
junk clobber

What wood is used for dunnage?

Plywood is often used to partition containers and to keep packages that travel by ship from touching the wet deck. Wood continues to be a popular dunnage material because it’s generally cheap, recyclable and can be sourced responsibly.

What is wood dunnage used for?

Dunnage-stamped lumber is typically used for blocking, bracing, and chocking inside shipping containers and used primarily by wood packaging manufactures, shippers, and freight consolidators. At a minimum, the dunnage mark must be applied legibly every 24 inches.

What kind of wood is used for dunnage?

Industrial Lumber Several Species of Hardwood (Oak, Maple, Cherry, and more!) Common Sizes of 2×4, 2×6, 3×3, 3×4, 4×4 and 4×6 (plus many more than we can list!)

Where is dunnage used?

Dunnage is the durable padding material used to protect goods during shipping. Dunnage can be anything from bubble wrap and packing peanuts, to industrial solid plastics that provide cushioning so items stay put.

Is dunnage wood treated?

SPECS. * The dunnage mark on lumber identifies wood as being heat-treated and debarked and in compliance with ISPM-15 standards for export shipments.

What type of wood is used for dunnage?