What does a solid and broken white line mean?

Solid white lines mark traffic lanes going in the same direction, such as one-way streets. Broken white lines separate traffic lanes on roads with two or more lanes in the same direction.

What are broken white lines on road called?

White line markings Broken white lines indicate that lane changing is permitted.

Can you cross solid white lines on the road?

You should not cross this line to change lanes unless necessary and safe to do so. In some states, it is illegal to cross a solid white line; in California, it is legal to do so. Only cross a solid white line if it is safe to do so; solid white lines are meant to discourage you from changing lanes.

What does a broken white line down the Centre of the road mean?

1. Broken white line. The most common of all, a broken white line indicates that you can change the lane, but with caution. Drawn on either a one-way road or a two-way road (where traffic is coming from both the sides), a broken white line will help you overtake, but after you have checked for any approaching traffic.

When should you avoid crossing a solid white line?

A solid white line between lanes of traffic means that you should stay in your lane unless a special situation requires you to change lanes. “Special situations” include moving from an HOV lane to the adjacent general-purpose lane and, in some circumstances, merging out of an exit-only lane during heavy traffic.

What does a single white line mean?

If the road has a continuous single white line running along the left side, parking is considered legal but in some cases may be used to discourage parking – though this is subject to localised laws such as no parking enforcement signs or other such prohibited parking markings.

What does two broken white lines mean?

What do white lines on the road mean? Double broken white lines in the centre of a road are alerting you to continuous white lines up ahead. You can overtake on double broken white lines, but you should be aware that a solid white is coming up.

What do double broken white lines mean?

Explantion: Double broken white lines along the centre of the road alert you to continuous white lines ahead. Do not cross them unless it is safe to do so.

Can you cross a solid double white line?

No, You Cannot Legally Cross Over the Double White Lines California Vehicle Code Section 21460 (b) makes it clear that you cannot cross over the double white lines.

When can you legally cross a solid white line?

You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

What should a broken white line mean to you?

Broken white lines on the roads indicate that you may change the lane if it is safe to do so. Solid white lines on the roads indicate that you cannot change lanes and should drive/ride on the lane you are already on. The broken yellow line on the roads indicates that passing is allowed but keeping safety in mind.

What do long white lines on the road mean?

White Lines Lines that travel along the road (longitudinal) inform and warn drivers of approaching situations that will need them to do something – like turn right, or do not cross. Lines that cross the road (transverse) give instructions to road users like ‘give way’ or ‘stop’.