What do you need to know about Leger Marketing?

We go beyond market research and polling. Leger offers a range of data analytics, syndicated studies, and expertise that will maximize your value and online presence. The largest proprietary panel in Canada. Strategic and operational customer experience (CX) consulting services. A few of our satisfied clients.

Where are the offices of Leger and Leger?

The firm is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Toronto, Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver in Canada, and Philadelphia in the United States. To date, Leger has acquired 10 companies. In 1995, Léger & Léger repositioned itself in marketing research and became Léger Marketing.

How is the scheduling manager at Leger Marketing?

The scheduling manager is very rude. The toilets in the building smell really badly. The pay isn’t great either. Such a job should be paying more. Different Supervisors tell you different things so sometimes its hard to know what to do. The hours are also late.

Who is the founder of Groupe Leger?

Groupe Léger is the largest Canadian-owned polling and market research firm. The company was founded in 1986 by former Minister of the Environment Marcel Léger, and was originally known as “Léger & Léger” (1986–1996) and “Leger Marketing” (1996–2013).

What do you need to know about Leger Analytics?

Leger Analytics specializes in delivering actionable results to clients through market modelling and sophisticated statistical analysis. Complex analyses simplifies data, while market modelling is used to better answer your marketing-related questions.

How long has Leger digital been in business?

Leger Digital addresses all of this with the intelligence, expertise and technology to help you maximize the value of your online and mobile presence. We have been working with prestigious clients since 1986. Consult our sector expertise list here.