What do Schroders mutual funds do for You?

Schroders offers a distinctive range of global investment strategies through its lineup of mutual funds, allowing investors to diversify their investments, manage risk and seek to maximize their investment objectives.

What are transaction costs for Schroders personal wealth?

In the normal course of business transaction costs are incurred by the funds when the fund managers buy and sell investments. Please refer to the Schroders Personal Wealth Transaction Costs document for the transaction costs for your fund (s).

When does Schroders regional equity fund merger take place?

The Fund merger will be effected on 9 July 2021. Shareholders will be notified of their new shareholdings in the Regional Equity Funds within 14 days of the merger date.

What do you need to know about a Schroders Isa?

If you’re invested through one of our ISAs, the SIID also contains the Terms and Conditions for this. Prospectuses – are legal documents that contain information about the make-up of your funds, how they’re invested, the risks involved, details about the fund manager, fees and expenses and other information.

When did the Schroder core bond fund start?

The performance figures shown for Investor Share of the Schroder Core Bond Fund include performance of a predecessor fund, Schroder Total Return Fixed Income Fund, for periods prior to 6/30/2020, the effective merger date into the Schroder Core Bond Fund. Predecessor fund inception date: 12/31/2004.

When does the merger of Schroders take place?

Valuation for the purposes of the Scheme and end of accounting period of the Merging Fund for the calculation of final distribution of income in relation to the Merging Fund – 12 noon on 9 July 2021 Effective Date and time of Merger – 12:01 p.m. on 9 July 2021 First day of dealing in New Shares in the Receiving Funds – 12 July 2021