What did Butch Stewart died from?

January 4, 2021
Gordon “Butch” Stewart/Date of death

What happened to Gordon Butch Stewart?

His son Adam Stewart said in an interview on Tuesday that his father’s death was related to a recent medical diagnosis that Mr. Stewart, who was known as Butch, had kept private because he did not want to “be anyone else’s burden.” …

Is Butch Stewart dead?

Deceased (1941–2021)
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What’s the net worth of Gordon Butch Stewart?

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart Appliance Traders is one of the biggest private sector conglomerates in the Caribbean. His net worth has been placed at $1 billion.

How much children does Butch Stewart have?

Personal life. Stewart had eight children; one of his sons, Jonathan, was killed in a car crash in 1990.

How old is Gordon Butch Stewart?

79 years (1941–2021)
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Is Gordon Butch Stewart White?

He was a considered a White Jamaican with European roots, but he was born and bred on the island and retained his Caribbean accent. As well as his resorts, he founded the daily Jamaica Observer to compete with the island’s oldest newspaper, the Gleaner (launched in 1834).

Who is the wealthiest Jamaican?

With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Joseph M. Matalon ranks as Jamaica’s richest person. The majority of his wealth comes from his position as Chairman of ICD Group Holdings, a Jamaican investment holding company, and the media firm RJR Gleaner Communications Group.

Who is the richest black man in Jamaica?

Michael Lee-Chin: $1.9 billion. A native of Jamaica, Lee-Chin made his fortune investing in National Commercial Bank Jamaica, AIC Limited and other companies. He still owns a 65-percent stake in National Commercial Bank Jamaica.

Who is the richest Tiktoker?

Charli D’Amelio: $4 Million The 16-year-old’s star rose on TikTok for the first time in June 2019 due to the competitive dancer’s viral dance videos.

How did Butch Stewart get rich?

After completing his education in England, Stewart became a salesman and eventually rose to become the sales manager of Dutch-owned Curaçao Trading Company. Stewart later left in 1968 to found his own business, Appliance Traders, Ltd.

Who is Butch Stewart wife?

Chyril Stewart
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