What did biker boy pug get locked up?

Court records show 40-year-old Dawayne Davis, known as “Wheelie Wayne,” was arrested earlier this month and charged with 15 counts, including theft scheme and removing or obliterating serial numbers on dirt-bike engines.

How long is biker boy pug in jail?

approximately 6 and a half months
Ford has been in custody since September 25, 2019, and has served approximately 6 and a half months of his sentence.

What is the name of the pug from 12 o’clock boy?

Tyquan “Pug” Ford, professional street bike rider, was born and raised in West Baltimore. He was the main subject of the critically acclaimed 2013 documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, which tells the story of a 13 year old boy growing up on the streets of West Baltimore.

Is 12 o’clock Boys a true story?

The movie — based on the 2013 documentary “12 O’Clock Boys” directed by Maryland Institute College of Art alum Lotfy Nathan — centers on a boy named Mouse who desperately wants to be part of the Midnight Clique, a group of Baltimore dirt bike riders, according to a casting notice posted in September.

How did pug from Baltimore died?

The teenager was fatally shot just four days after Baltimore City Public Schools held its annual Peace and Remembrance Day, a memorial event to honor the 12 city school students who died this past school year as a result of gun violence.

What happened to the kid on 12 o’clock boys?

A Baltimore teen known for his role in a documentary called “12 O’Clock Boys” said a run-in with the law as he was riding his dirt bike — an illegal activity in the city — left him injured. Taekwon Ford, 16, said he was knocked off his dirt bike by a police officer and then shocked by a Taser over the weekend.

Who Is Wheelie Wayne?

Dawayne Davis, known as “Wheelie Wayne,” was charged earlier this year with 15 counts, including theft scheme and removing or obliterating serial numbers on dirt bike engines. After he agreed to the community service, his case was placed on the stet, or inactive, docket.

Is Pug in Charm City Kings?

Who plays Stro in Charm City Kings? Mouse’s brother Stro is depicted by TyQuan Ford, most commonly known as “Pug”.

How did Pug from Baltimore died?

Who started 12 o’clock boys?

Filmmaker Lotfy Nathan
Filmmaker Lotfy Nathan first met Pug when he was just a month shy of 13. He spent three and a half summer with the teen to create his new documentary, the 12 O’Clock Boys.

Who gets killed in Charm City Kings?

Doughty, 26, has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, misdemeanor and felony assault and possession of a deadly weapon with the intent to injure in the stabbing death of her partner, 33-year-old Tiffany Wilson Friday, according to the Baltimore Sun.

What happened Stro?

After the procedure, Blax comes clean to Mouse over what happened to Stro. He sent Stro out on a run, wherein Stro got killed while riding. Blax has lived with the guilt ever since and thought that taking Mouse under his wing would make him feel like he was doing the right thing. Mouse leaves Blax by himself.