What cool things can you do with command prompt?

27 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks

  • Command History.
  • Run multiple commands.
  • Use Function keys and become a pro user.
  • See PC driver list.
  • Send output to clipboard.
  • Abort a command.
  • Make your Command Prompt colorful.
  • Create Wi-Fi hotspot right from the command prompt.

How do I make myself beautiful in CMD?

How to customize cursor on Command Prompt

  1. Open Start.
  2. Search for Command Prompt, and click the top result to open the console.
  3. Right-click the title bar, and select the Defaults option.
  4. Click on the Options tab.
  5. Select one of the available options: Small (default). Medium. Large.
  6. Click the OK button.

What is the best command in CMD?

The following are 21 of the best CMD commands you should know if you want to have more control over your Windows PC.

  1. ASSOC: Fix File Associations.
  2. FC: File Compare.
  3. IPCONFIG: IP Configuration.
  4. NETSTAT: Network Statistics.
  5. PING: Send Test Packets.
  6. TRACERT: Trace Route.
  7. POWERCFG: Power Configuration.
  8. SHUTDOWN: Turn Off Computer.

What commands are used in CMD?

Cmd commands under Windows

cmd command Description
runas start a program as another user
shutdown shutdown the computer
sort sort the screen output
start start an own window to execute a program or command

How do I give myself administrator privileges using CMD?

Use Command Prompt From your Home Screen launch the Run box – press Wind + R keyboard keys. Type “cmd” and press enter. On the CMD window type “net user administrator /active:yes”. That’s it.

What is CMD insert mode?

If you want to insert a series of lines, however, you should enter Insert Mode. Insert Mode is a mode within the Editor that allows any number of new lines to be inserted in an item. Insert Mode is invoked when you type the I command without any text, and is exited by pressing ENTER on an empty line.

What is doskey command?

Doskey is an MS-DOS utility that allows the user to keep a history of all commands used on a computer. Doskey allows frequently used commands to be executed without having to type them each time they are needed.

What is CMD stand for?


Acronym Definition
CMD Command (File Name Extension)
CMD Command Prompt (Microsoft Windows)
CMD Command
CMD Carbon Monoxide Detector

How can I see all command prompts?

You can open the Command Prompt by pressing ⊞ Win + R to open the Run box and typing cmd . Windows 8 users can also press ⊞ Win + X and select Command Prompt from the menu. Retrieve the list of commands. Type help and press ↵ Enter .

What does * * mean in CMD?

In this case, we used the * wildcard to mean “all files in the current directory”. This command prints the line containing the given string, and if there’s more than one file in the list, the name of the file where it was found. To check files in subdirectories too, use the -r flag with the grep command.

Is CMD EXE a virus?

What is Cmd.exe? The legitimate Cmd.exe file is an important Windows command processor located in C:\Windows\System32. Spammers mimic its name to plant a virus and spread it on the Internet.