What caused Baia Mare cyanide spill?

On January 30, 2000, due to excessive amounts of snowfall a dam holding contaminated waters burst. This allowed 100,000 cubic meters of cyanide-contaminated water to spill over into farmlands and the Somes river.

How many people died from the Baia Mare cyanide spill?

More than 2.5 million people in Hungary had their drinking water contaminated by cyanide. Wildlife was severely impacted by the Baia Mare cyanide leak. All living things along the Tisza were killed. In Serbia 200 tons of fish in the rivers were killed and 80% of all aquatic life was destroyed.

How could the Baia Mare cyanide spill be prevented?

In Hungary, volunteers participated in removing the dead fish to prevent the disaster from spreading across the food chain, as other animals, such as foxes, otters and ospreys have died after eating contaminated fish.

Where did the Baia Mare water cyanide contamination happen?

On January 30th 2000, the dam containing toxic waste material from the Baia Mare Aurul gold mine in North Western Romania burst and released 100,000 cubic meters of waste water, heavily contaminated with cyanide, into the Lapus and Somes tributaries of the river Tisza, one of the biggest in Hungary.

What was the main water pollutant from the Baia Mare disaster Why was is used at the aurul mine?

Hungarian and Romanian officials attributed the pollution to a cyanide spill on Jan. 31 along the Tisza tributary from the Aurul gold plant based in the northern Romanian city of Baia-Mare. At the mine, a cyanide solution is used to separate gold ore from surrounding rock.

How did the accidental spill of cyanide at a mine in Romania spread to neighboring countries?

Q. How did the accidental spill of cyanide at a mine in Romania spread to neighboring countries? Storms dropped rain poisoned with cyanide on other countries.

How do you clean up a cyanide spill?

Do not attempt to clean up any spill if not trained or comfortable. Since cyanides will react with water to produce toxic hydrogen cyanide gas, never attempt to clean up cyanide spills with plain water. Evacuate the area and call 911 for help. If the spill is out of control, call 911.

How can you prevent cyanide from spilling?

Wearing impervious gloves when handling cyanides. Wearing a protective apron, rubber boots and face shield or goggles whenever there is the possibility of being splashed with cyanides. Using appropriate respiratory equipment for the concentration of cyanide dust or gas that may be in the air.

Is it possible for polluted water to be transported to another country?

Answer: Emissions within any one country can affect human and ecosystem health in countries far downwind. Yes, it definitely and surely possible for polluted water to be transported to another country.

What is transboundary pollution?

Transboundary pollution is defined legally as pollution that originates in one country but can cause damage in another country’s environment, by crossing borders through pathways like water or air.

What was the main pollutant released at Chernobyl?

Chapter 16 Transboundary Pollution

Question Answer
The major cause of the power plant explosion at Chernobyl was… human error.
The main pollutant released when a mining dam burst in Romania was… cyanide.

Is hydrogen a cyanide?

Hydrogen cyanide, sometimes called prussic acid, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula HCN. It is a colorless, extremely poisonous, and flammable liquid that boils slightly above room temperature, at 25.6 °C (78.1 °F)….Hydrogen cyanide.

ChemSpider 748
ECHA InfoCard 100.000.747
EC Number 200-821-6
KEGG C01326