What careers use high level math?

Career Paths for Math-Lovers

  • Auditor: $70,500.
  • Data or Research Analyst: $83,390.
  • Computer Programmer: $84,280.
  • Medical Scientist: $84,810.
  • Financial Analyst: $85,660.
  • Statistician: $88,190.
  • Actuary: $102,880.
  • Economist: $104,340.

What jobs can I get if im bad at math?

Careers for People Who Are Bad at Math

  • Psychotherapist, Counselor, or Coach. Of course, especially because this is Psychology Today, this gets a spot on the list.
  • Social worker.
  • Politician.
  • Mediator.
  • Haircutter.
  • Teacher.
  • Non-STEM sales or fundraiser.
  • Graphic artist.

What are 5 jobs that use math?

When you complete an undergraduate math degree, jobs like the following become possibilities for you:

  • Cryptographer.
  • Actuary.
  • Mathematician.
  • Economist.
  • Statistician.
  • Financial planner.
  • Operations research analyst.
  • Investment analyst.

What are the top 10 careers that involve algebra?

20 jobs that use algebra

  • Geologist.
  • Chemist.
  • Mathematician.
  • Computer engineer.
  • Statistician. National average salary: $98,665 per year.
  • Architect. National average salary: $109,597 per year.
  • Actuary. National average salary: $114,143 per year.
  • Economist. National average salary: $115,192 per year.

What math career makes the most money?

Best Jobs For Math Majors

Rank Job Title Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1 Actuary Mid-Career Pay:$135,000
2 Senior Data Scientist Mid-Career Pay:$127,000
3 Data Scientist Mid-Career Pay:$113,000
4 Data Engineer Mid-Career Pay:$111,000

Can I get a good job if im bad at math?

Spoiler alert: of course, you can! Love it or hate it, mathematics has always been an important skill that can aid you in any field, and one of the best ways to gain employment is to hone all of the basic skills that you’ve picked up in school as you carry on your career.

What majors have no math?

Here are popular majors that do not require studying math:

  • Foreign language. A foreign language major trains you to communicate fluently in a new language.
  • Music.
  • Education.
  • English literature.
  • Philosophy.
  • Communications.
  • Anthropology.
  • Graphic design.

What should I major in if I love math?

Typical Degree Paths: Bachelor’s in mathematics, computer science, statistics or related field for entry-level positions; MBA or master’s in mathematics or statistics often required for advancement; PhD required for academic and research careers.

Who actually uses algebra?

Depending on your career goals, you could work as a math teacher, a stockbroker, a financial planner or an accountant. All of these jobs require algebra. Financial advisors, for example, use their skills in this area to help customers choose the best savings plans, investments and insurance policies.

What careers actually use calculus?

12 jobs that use calculus

  • Animator.
  • Chemical engineer.
  • Environmental engineer.
  • Mathematician.
  • Electrical engineer.
  • Operations research engineer.
  • Aerospace engineer.
  • Software developer.

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What kind of job can you get if you like math?

Others with business interests may take jobs working as auditors or financial analysts, or work as medical scientists if they’re pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. “You have to transfer your math skills into something that’s interesting and useful to you,” Goulding says.

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