What box comes with BT TV?

With the BT TV Recordable Box G4 you can: Record, pause and rewind live TV for up to two hours. Record up to 300 hours of TV on the 500GB hard drive. Record remotely with the BT TV app.

What size is the BT TV box?

BT YouView+ box: features & design. The box is 237mm wide (143mm narrower than the older T1000 model shown below) and is designed to match BT’s Home Hub 4 and 5 routers.

Can I still use BT Vision box?

If you are out of contract, then the box is yours. It will work as a normal YouView box, without the BT content. You can record FreeView as normal.

Does BT YouView box need an aerial?

BT TV boxes will work without a Freeview aerial connected, but you’ll be missing out on lots of channels and some On Demand services. You’ll need to connect your aerial and scan your channels in order to receive all of your On Demand services.

Can you use a BT TV box wirelessly?

A YouView Box FAQ YouView boxes aren’t Wi-Fi enabled. They need a wired Ethernet connection to connect the internet, so that we can give you the best quality experience. We recommend using powerline adapters if your router is too far from your box.

Are BT bringing out a new TV box?

BT today unveils BT TV Box Pro, the TV platform’s most advanced set-top box. The sleek new box is designed to support the next generation of TV viewing, with the features including crystal clear 4K HDR viewing and Dolby Atmos offering a complete immersive experience.

What is the USB port for on BT YouView box?

The purpose of the USB slot on my Youview box is no use to the consumer of the service, but via a freeview play box or freeview play TV such as Panasonic, I can record a programme and take the USB with me, play it on another TV such as take it to a friends, Play it on my computer, so if I want to relax in a coffee shop …

Can I connect my BT TV box wirelessly?

What do I do with my old BT Vision box?

Re: recycling BT vision box You can still use as a Freeview recorder with the apps or if you have no use, either just send back to BT or your local recycling centre.

Does BT TV box still work without subscription?

You won’t be able to watch any On Demand programmes from BT, but on a YouView box you’ll be able to watch programmes from any of the other On Demand players. Do bear in mind though that if you no longer have a BT TV subscription, anything you watch on your YouView box may count towards your Broadband Usage Limit.