What are vectors in music?

In musical set theory, an interval vector is an array of natural numbers which summarize the intervals present in a set of pitch classes. (That is, a set of pitches where octaves are disregarded.)

How do you find a vector in music?

First, after determing normal form, measure from the first note to all the other notes. Second, measure from the second note to all higher notes (not back or down to the first note). Continue measuring from each successive note to the notes following and you will have completed the interval vector.

How do you find the class interval vector?

One way of checking your work with an Interval Class Vector is to add the numbers up. Each trichord has 3 available Interval-classes (and so the vector should always total to 3), each tetrachord has 6 (and so should sum to 6), each pentachord has 10, and so forth.

What is interval class in music?

In musical set theory, an interval class (often abbreviated: ic), also known as unordered pitch-class interval, interval distance, undirected interval, or “(even completely incorrectly) as ‘interval mod 6′” (Rahn 1980, 29; Whittall 2008, 273–74), is the shortest distance in pitch class space between two unordered pitch …

What is a set class music?

A set class is a group of pitch class sets related by transposition or inversion. Set classes are named by their prime form . Prime form is the version of the set that is transposed to zero and is most compact to the left (compared with its inversion.) You can find prime form mathematically or by using the clock face.

How many z related Tetrachords are there?

There are a total of three pairs of Z-related pentachords and fifteen pairs of Z-related hexachords. The others can be found by examining a set-class chart, looking for the Z in the set-class number, and comparing ic vectors.

What is an index vector?

Vector Indexing, or vector index notation, specifies elements within a vector. Indexing is useful when a MATLAB program only needs one element of a series of values. Indexing is often used in combination with repetition structures to conduct the same process for every element in an array.

What is class interval?

Class interval refers to the numerical width of any class in a particular distribution. Mathematically it is defined as the difference between the upper-class limit and the lower class limit. In statistics, the data is arranged into different classes and the width of such classes is called a class interval.

What are the four types of intervals?

There are four types of interval: Ordered pitch intervals , unordered pitch intervals , ordered pitch class intervals , and interval classes (unordered pitch class intervals).

What is Cantor’s set theory?

He created set theory, which has become a fundamental theory in mathematics. Cantor established the importance of one-to-one correspondence between the members of two sets, defined infinite and well-ordered sets, and proved that the real numbers are more numerous than the natural numbers.

How do you determine a set class?

What is a minor tetrachord?

A minor tetrachord is built with a whole step, followed by a half step, followed by a whole step. In C natural minor, Tetrachord I is built with the notes C, D, E♭ , and F. As C to D is a whole step, D to E♭ is a half step and E♭ to F is a whole step.

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