What are the undertones of classic French Gray?

Will it look blue, purple or green? The tricky thing is that because Classic French Gray has very MINIMAL undertones – just slightly green, it’s VERY SUSCEPTIBLE to picking up cues from its environment and exposure and could pick up a wee wink o’ purple or blue given the opportunity (MOST likely blue).

Is French GREY warm or cool?

Is Light French Gray Warm or Cool? Due to its purple undertones, Light French Gray is a cool toned gray – but not ice cool, we’re talking just a little breeze!

Does Benjamin Moore Classic gray have undertones?

What are Classic Gray’s Undertones? Classic Gray has warm undertones of purple and sometimes a soft pink. Due to Classic Gray being an off-white – it may sometimes reflect other undertones depending on its environment.

What Benjamin Moore color is similar to light French gray?

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore has an LRV of 59.75 which is a tiny bit higher than LFG at 53. Stonington Gray is a cool-toned gray with blue undertones. Stonington Gray is a bit lighter than LFG. When compared side by side, you can see that Stonington Gray is the lighter of the 2 gray paint colors.

Does Benjamin Moore Classic Gray look white?

We love to use this color as an exterior trim color because its not too bright to use with brick, not too yellow like a creamy color. Its just right! It can also look lovely as a white for an exterior paint color. Photo by The Color Concierge – Classic Gray trim looks white!

What Colour goes with French GREY?

Colour Schemes

  • Railings. Clunch.
  • Lime White.
  • Off-White. Pigeon.
  • Mouse’s Back. Studio Green.

What Benjamin Moore color is similar to repose Gray?

BENJAMIN MOORE REVERE PEWTER: Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter is one of their most popular colors, so it’s interesting to compare it to one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular colors, Repose Gray.

What white goes with Benjamin Moore Classic gray?

Classic Gray is a beautiful paint color that reads white. Use it anywhere, but pair it with bright and off-whites such as Chantilly Lace and Simply White.

Is Benjamin Moore Classic gray a good color?

Choosing BM Classic Gray is always going to be a great idea because it’s a no-fail color. It looks lovely with other grays, whites, and even bright colors. Plus, it makes a good interior or exterior paint. NOTE: If you’re painting the room yourself, these tools will help tremendously.

Can you paint with Benjamin Moore classic gray?

Bright whites reflect every color that surrounds them. Classic Gray will neutralize all the surrounding colors. One more thing… we do not recommend that you try to paint match Classic Gray or any other Benjamin Moore paints with Sherwin-Williams, Behr or any other manufacturer.

What’s the difference between classic gray and agreeable gray?

Agreeable Gray is a little bit darker, and it’s more of a true gray color. Classic Gray is lighter and closer to off-white. Both colors are true neutrals, with minimal undertones. Of the two colors, Agreeable Gray is slightly warmer.

What kind of paint is Sherwin Williams classic French?

Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray is a PRETTY DARNED NEUTRAL cool gray. However, like EVERY gray paint colour, it does have a sneaky undertone hiding in it (which we’ll get into shortly). And when I say ‘cool gray’, I don’t mean icy friggin’ cold gray, as while it is slightly cool, the weight and body of it give it a softer, stormier approach.

How many colors are in the Benjamin Moore color palette?

A collection of 1,680 inspired hues that consumers and professionals have enjoyed for years, the colors in this palette are as timeless as they are forward. Select paint color by color family, browse colors in our Color Collections, or use our search tool. All set? COLOR, DELIVERED!