What are the roles and responsibilities of a district nurse?

As well as providing direct patient care, you’ll have a teaching and support role, working with patients to enable them to care for themselves or with family members teaching them how to give care to their relatives. You’ll also be accountable for your own patient caseloads.

What skills does a district nurse need?

You’ll need to be well organised, confident and able to cope in potentially challenging situations. Leadership and management skills are also important as you will supervise and lead a team of community staff nurses and healthcare assistants in the delivery of care. Leadership and management skills are also important.

What is the district nursing team?

Our district nursing team is comprised of district nurses, community nurses and health care assistants who provide a range of nursing care including palliative and end of life care as well as care in the last days and hours of life to support those who wish to stay at home.

What is the role of the district nurse in the integrated care system?

District nurse led team providing care and support in the community, including people’s homes: Population and Case load management: Managing and accountable for an active caseload and providing population interventions to improve community health and wellbeing. Surveillance of caseload and local population needs.

Why are district nurses important?

District nurses play a crucial role in the primary health care team. District nurses play a vital role in keeping hospital admissions and readmissions to a minimum and ensuring that patients can return to their own homes as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a community nurse and a district nurse?

Many people use the two terms interchangeably. But a ‘community nurse’ is someone working in community settings, with or without a specialist qualification. A ‘district nurse’ is someone who has completed additional training to become a specialist community practitioner.

What do district nurses earn?

The highest salary for a Community Nurse in London Area is £48,107 per year. The lowest salary for a Community Nurse in London Area is £27,995 per year.

What is the difference between a district nurse and a community nurse?

How do you call a district nurse?

You can contact the district nurses by calling the District Nursing message service on 020 7288 3555. The nurses are often out in peoples’ homes so this is the quickest way to get in touch with them.

What challenges do district nurses face?

District Nurses are working to capacity, at sometimes unsafe staffing levels. They are unable to provide consistent high-quality care due to pressures on their service. There are serious retention and recruitment challenges, with an older workforce and insufficient qualified nurses to replace those who retire.

Can district nurses prescribe antibiotics?

District nurses are able to prescribe medication to patients in a similar way to General Practitioner doctors, as Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribers under the Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary for Community Practitioners (Part XVIIB(i) of the Drug Tariff), depending on individual qualifications. …

What is the role of a community nurse?

What does a community nurse do? Working in a variety of environments, from clinics and health centres to residential accommodation and patients’ own homes, community nurses help the NHS meet the needs of elderly, disabled or vulnerable patients who may not be able to easily visit the hospital.