What are the physical means of pest management?

Physical controls are used mostly in weed control. Tillage, fire, removal by hand, grazing and mowing are all used to destroy weeds and prevent reproduction. Some insects may also be destroyed by tillage, which destroys their eggs or overwinter stages of growth.

How do you control pests physically?

Physical methods of pest control It involves the use of traps, hunting, security men, alarms and caricature and other scary and combative techniques to get rid of these pests.

What is an example of a good physical pest control method?

Centipedes, spiders, ants and ground beetles can come handy in your war against pests. This method is zero harmful for human beings and can be implemented positively. Mechanical Pest Control – Is the management and control of pests using physical means such as fences, barriers or electronic wires.

What is physical and mechanical control?

Mechanical and physical controls kill a pest directly or make the environment unsuitable for it. For example, traps – for pest animals and insects; mulches – for weed management; steam sterilisation – for soil disease management; or barriers – such as screens or fences to keep animals and insects out.

What are the disadvantages of physical pest control?

– POPs leads to potential health risk such as infertility and mutagenic effects, cancer, increase the chance of human destruction of the endocrine system. – In the environment POPs poison non target organisms.

What is regular pest?

Regular pest: Frequently occurs on crop – Close association e.g. Rice slem borer, Brinjal fruit borer. Occasional pest: Infrequently occurs, no close association e.g. Caseworm on rice, Mango stem borer. Seasonal pest: Occurs during a particular season every year e.g. Red hairy caterpillar.

What are 3 methods of pest control food hygiene?

Preventing access to food and water:

  • food stores and containers should be pest-proof;
  • spills cleaned up quickly;
  • remove standing water;
  • waste stored in pest-proof containers and storage areas kept clean.

What are some examples of mechanical pest control?

Some examples of physical and mechanical pest controls include:

  • tillage.
  • flaming.
  • flooding.
  • soil solarization or soil heating.
  • row covers.
  • traps.

What are the categories of physical control?

Examples of physical controls are:

  • Closed-circuit surveillance cameras.
  • Motion or thermal alarm systems.
  • Security guards.
  • Picture IDs.
  • Locked and dead-bolted steel doors.
  • Biometrics (includes fingerprint, voice, face, iris, handwriting, and other automated methods used to recognize individuals)

Which of the following is a example of physical control?

Examples include physical controls such as fences, locks, and alarm systems; technical controls such as antivirus software, firewalls, and IPSs; and administrative controls like separation of duties, data classification, and auditing.

What are the advantages of physical pest control?

They enable the use of biological control agents as well as the use of insect pollinators. Generally, most physical control methods are environmentally safe, fit well into IPM strategies, and greatly reduce the use of chemical control.