What are the dimensions of a 5 ton air handler?

Enhanced Comfort

5 Ton Multi-Positional Goodman Air Handler
Tonnage 5 Ton
Height 58″
Width 24.5″
Depth 21″

How much does a 5 ton carrier package unit weigh?

344 Pounds

Weight 344 Pounds (lbs)
Tonnage 5
UL Listed Yes
Voltage 208-230 VAC
Warranty Offered Yes

How many amps does a 5 ton HVAC use?

25 Amps
An average 5-ton air conditioner (with 10 EER rating) will run on 6,000 W. Such a 5-ton air conditioner will use 25 Amps at 240V. Examples of 60,000 BTU units are 4-zone mini-splits and 5-zone mini-split air conditioners.

What tonnage is my air handler?

Look for the model number, which is a combination of numerals and letters. Within this combination, you should find an even, two digit number. Tonnage on residential HVAC units range anywhere from 18 to 60. Once you found the even number on your unit, divide it by 12.

What is a 5 ton air handler?

5 Tons. The AVPTC61D14 air handler is rated for an output of 5 tons. For straight heating or when backup heat is necessary in a heat pump application, the air handler is able to accommodate heat strips, available at an additional cost to be field-installed.

What is the average size of a air handler?

The most popular size air handler is a 3-ton, 36,000 BTU unit with a variable-speed fan. All brands make smaller and larger units too, but we use that size as a baseline for our cost table below. You’ll note that while some brands are identical, their costs differ.

How much does a 5 ton Carrier AC unit cost?

Carrier AC Units Priced by Unit Size

Unit Size Cooling Area Unit Only Average Cost
3 Tons 1600 – 1900 sqft $1,875
3.5 Tons 1900 – 2200 sqft $2,025
4 Tons 2200 – 2600 sqft $2,290
5 Tons 2600 – 3200 sqft $2,595

How much does a 5 ton package unit cost?

A 5.0 TON air conditioner would cost around $1,980 for the AC unit alone or a total installation cost of $3,690. Top known brands may cost more.

How many amps does a 4 ton AC pull?

A 4 ton 13 SEER heat pump condensation unit draws a min. of 26.4 amps and a max. of 45 amps.

How many watts is a 4 ton AC unit?

14,000 Watts
The exact amount of Watts needed for a 4 ton air conditioner depends on the make and model of the AC unit, as well as how often it’s running. A safe estimation is that it takes 14,000 Watts, or 4 Kilowatts. If you’re using a generator, it’s best to use a 17 KW generator to ensure that you have enough power.

How many square feet will a 3 ton AC cool?

Air Conditioning Square Footage Range by Climate Zone

3 Tons 1501 – 1800 sf 1601 – 1900 sf
3.5 Tons 1801 – 2100 sf 1901 – 2200 sf
4 Tons 2101 – 2400 sf 2201 – 2600 sf
5 Tons 2401 – 3000 sf 2601 – 3200 sf

How many square feet will a 2.5 ton AC cool?

Square Footage Estimations A 2.5-ton unit, then, theoretically would fit a 1,500-square-foot home.

What kind of air handler does a carrier use?

Carrier’s Aero® air handlers provide advanced technology and custom features in streamlined, easy-to-install packages. Indoor and outdoor units are available to handle a wide variety of applications.

What kind of air conditioner does carrier use?

Carrier offers incredibly quiet air conditioning systems that won’t disrupt you in your backyard or on your patio. For ultra-quiet comfort, consider our Infinity 20 AC unit with Greenspeed ® technology. Carrier offers a variety of energy efficient central air conditioners.

What is the EER of carrier rooftop air conditioners?

Carrier provides a complete line of commercial packaged rooftop units with Puron® refrigerant to meet demanding HVAC system requirements. These packaged air conditioners deliver performance for various ranges of industrial applications. Efficiency (EER/IEER): 10.3, 14.0

How many seer does a carrier air conditioner have?

Visit our system builder or contact your local Carrier Expert. Our highest efficiency and most advanced air conditioner with up to 26 SEER for premium energy savings with extremely quiet performance and premium comfort Up to 19 SEER for premium energy savings with enhanced comfort features.