What are the best topics for Gd?

WAT-GD Topics of IIMs and Non-IIMs (2020-21)

Topic Type
Women Empowerment & Gender Justice: Addressing the Equality Challenges Social Issue
End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization Business & Economy
Climate Change/Pollution Social Issue

What are the current topics of 2020?

Top 30 GD topics of 2020:

  • Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Global economy.
  • How prepared is India to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Farm Bills 2020 – Pros, Cons & Challenges.
  • Lessons for the world from COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.
  • National Education Policy 2020.

What are the questions asked in Group Discussion?

But first… Here are some of the most common GD topics:

  • COVID-19: Impact on Global Economy.
  • COVID-19: Importance of Spending more money on Public Health Measures.
  • Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in virtual world.
  • Coronavirus and lockdown has exposed social inequality in modern India.

How can I speak in Gd?

Here is a list of what should be done and what should be avoided at a Group Discussion (GD)

  1. 1.Be as natural as possible.
  2. Sit with a straight and confident posture.
  3. 3.Be assertive yet humble.
  4. Grab the opportunity to speak first, i.e. to start the group discussion with your opinion.

What are the trending topics in India?

Twitter Trends – India

Rank Trending Topic / Hashtag Tweet Volume
1. #AppleEvent 59.6K Tweets 59.6K
6. ARREST SURESH CHAVHANKE Under 10K Tweets Under 10K
7. 15 Months Of SSR Murder 83.6K Tweets 83.6K
8. 1M YT FAM FOR RAHUL 30.1K Tweets 30.1K

What are the current topics for essay writing?

Essay Topics for Students from 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

  • Noise Pollution.
  • Patriotism.
  • Health.
  • Corruption.
  • Environment Pollution.
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Music.
  • Time and Tide Wait for none.

How can I introduce myself in Gd?

Introduce Yourself First Use a simple beginning line such as “Hi everyone, my name is ____” and then come to the topic. Be confident while introducing yourself. When you introduce the topic to start a group discussion on, give a brief about what the topic is and then pass the baton.

How do you qualify for GD round?

To emerge a winner in GD round a candidate should speak after getting a grasp on the given topic….

  1. Rich Content with good subject knowledge.
  2. Be a Leader.
  3. Be relevant.
  4. Be a good Listener.
  5. Improve your Communication Skills.
  6. Body gestures: Very important tool for Group Discussion.
  7. No Aggressive Move.
  8. Don’t Crisscross on your Ideas.

How do I start a GD?

Use Quotes and Questions to Begin The most thought-provoking way to start a group discussion is to ask a question or add a famous and relevant quote to the topic. You can simply grab the attention of everyone as an initiator and thus lead a powerful group discussion by using a question on the topic.