What are the best potted plants for full sun in Florida?

If you are looking for sun-loving plants in Florida, consider these 10 choices.

  • Crown of Thorns.
  • African Iris. The African Iris is another very pretty plant.
  • Agave.
  • African Bush Daisy.
  • Mexican Petunia.
  • Areca Palm.
  • Bougainvillea.
  • Bottlebrush.

What potted plants grow well in Florida?

Consider these plants that flourish in pots in Florida.

  • Areca Palm. The areca palm, often called the bamboo or butterfly palm grows up to 30-feet tall.
  • Croton.
  • Evolvulus.
  • Beautyberry (Callicarpa Americana)
  • Hibiscus.
  • Cordyline.
  • Butterfly bush (Buddleia lindleyana)
  • Bush daisy (Gamolepis)

What plants can survive extreme heat?

7 Heat-Tolerant Plants that Love the Sun

  • Lantana.
  • Lemon Verbena.
  • Cosmos.
  • Marigold.
  • Geranium.
  • Salvia.
  • Sedum.

What is a good potted plant for full sun?

The Best Flowers for Pots in Full Sun

  • Diamond Frost Euphorbia. When you plant Diamond Frost euphorbia, you’re planting one of the most award-winning plants ever developed.
  • Mandevilla Vine.
  • Supertunia Petunia.
  • Bolivian Begonia.
  • Summer Snapdragon.
  • Scaevola.
  • Lantana.
  • Calibrachoa.

What plants can tolerate full sun?

Some good full sun border plants that are well suited to most areas include:

  • yarrow.
  • shasta daisy.
  • coreopsis.
  • purple coneflower.
  • blanket flower.
  • Russian sage.
  • butterfly weed.
  • lavender.

What shrubs can take full sun and heat?

11 Shrubs That Can Handle the Heat of Full Sun

  • Sun Worshippers. 1/13.
  • Butterfly Bush (Buddleja spp) 2/13.
  • California Lilac (Ceanothus spp) 3/13.
  • Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus) 4/13.
  • Cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa) 5/13.
  • Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles spp) 6/13.
  • Lantana (Lantana spp) 7/13.
  • Oleander (Nerium spp) 8/13.

Can elephant ears take full sun?

They are at their best in late summer and early fall when most other plants are starting to fade. There are two types of elephant ears: alocasias and colocasias. Colocasias display their leaves with tip of the heart pointing down. They prefer full sun and consistent moisture.

What plants do well in extreme heat?

27 Annuals and Perennials That Survive & Thrive in Intense Heat

  • Sedums. Sedums are nearly indestructible perennial flowers, as they can fight heat, drought, and disease!
  • Coneflowers.
  • Salvia.
  • Daylily.
  • Peony.
  • Yarrow.
  • Coreopsis.
  • Butterfly Weed.

Can pansies take full sun?

Pansies perform best in cooler weather, and are therefore usually planted in spring or fall. They like rich, well-drained soil high in organic matter, and full sun or partial shade. (Shade is especially beneficial south of Zone 7 where the hot afternoon sun will shut down flower production.)

What shrubs can survive extreme heat?

Do elephant ears need lots of water?

Plan on giving plants at least 2-3 inches of water per week. Fertilizing: Elephant ears are heavy eaters, as well as drinkers. Fertilize monthly with a general fertilizer of choice.

Can black elephant ears take full sun?

Planting Elephant Ear Bulbs Growing elephant ear plants is easy. Most of these plants prefer rich, moist soil and can be grown in full sun, but they generally prefer partial shade. The tubers can be placed directly outdoors once the threat of frost or freezing temperatures have ceased in your area.