What are the abbreviations for apothecary?

Apothecary Abbreviations

grain gr
dram dr
ounce oz

What are the apothecary units?

The apothecaries’ system or apothecaries’ weights and measures is a historical system of mass and volume units used by veterinarians, physicians and apothecaries for medical recipes, and sometimes during scientific investigation. The apothecary system uses, grains, scruple, drams and ounces in prescribing medications.

What is the ounce symbol?

fl oz

Fluid ounce
Unit system Imperial units, US customary units
Unit of Volume
Symbol fl oz
Conversions (imperial)

What is SS ounces?

Note: the metric measurements are approximate. 1/8 c = 1 fl.oz = 2 Tbsp= 2 ss = 30 ml. 1/4 c = 2 fl.oz = 4 Tbsp = 4 ss = 60 ml.

What does SS stand for in the apothecary system?

The letters “ss” are an abbreviation for the Latin “semis” meaning “half”, which were sometimes written with a ß. In Apothecaries’ Latin, numbers were generally written in Roman numerals, immediately following the symbol.

What is the symbol for dram?

The dram (alternative British spelling drachm; apothecary symbol ʒ or ℨ; abbreviated dr) is a unit of mass in the avoirdupois system, and both a unit of mass and a unit of volume in the apothecaries’ system. It was originally both a coin and a weight in ancient Greece.

What is an apothecary weight?

Apothecaries’ weight, traditional system of weight in the British Isles used for the measuring and dispensing of pharmaceutical items and based on the grain, scruple (20 grains), dram (3 scruples), ounce (8 drams), and pound (12 ounces).

What is the largest unit of weight?

Mass (weight) Units

1 gigatonne (Gt) =1 000 000 000 000 000 g
1 megatonne (Mt) =1 000 000 000 000 g
1 tonne (t) =1 000 000 g
1 kilogram (kg) =1 000 g
1 gram (g) =1 g

What is the symbol for DRAM?

What is a wee dram mean?

This delightful term emanates from Scotland, where it’s used to refer to a single serving of whisky. It can be, truly, a wee dram, nothing more than a light splash of whisky to lift the spirits.

What are apothecary scales used for?

Apothecary Scales’ Historic Purpose At its root, the balance scale has been used as a tool to measure the unknown weight of an item (like food, medicine, herbs, and so on) against a set of known weights.

When to use metric system or Apothecary measurements?

Explicit apothecary or household measurements may ONLY be safely used to express the directions for mixing dry ingredients to prepare topical products (e.g., dissolve 2 capfuls of granules per gallon of warm water to prepare a magnesium sulfate soaking aid). Otherwise, metric system measurements should be used.

What do the medical abbreviations on a prescription mean?

BID, PO, XL, APAP, QHS, or PRN: Have you ever wondered what these odd, encrypted medical abbreviations mean on your prescription? Medical terminology is difficult enough, but how do you interpret these prescription directions written in code?

What are the abbreviations for tablets and capsules?

Many drugs exist in special formulation as tablets or capsules – for example as ER, XR, and SR – to slow absorption or alter where the dissolution and absorption occurs in the gastrointestinal tract.

Are there any abbreviations that should not be used?

Single strength, sliding scale (insulin), signs and symptoms, or ½ (apothecary) While the abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations in the Table should NEVER be used, not allowing the use of ANY abbreviations is exceedingly unlikely.