What are the 12 months in French?

The French Months of the Year and How to Enjoy Them

  • janvier (January)
  • février (February)
  • mars (March)
  • avril (April)
  • mai (May)
  • juin (June)
  • juillet (July)
  • août (August)

How do you say the months in French?

Also note that months are all masculine and not capitalized in French (same as days of the week)….French Months of the Year / Les mois de l’année.

January janvier /ʒɑ̃vje/
June juin /ʒɥɛ̃/
July juillet /ʒɥijɛ/
August août /u(t)/
September septembre /sɛptɑ̃bʀ/

How many months is a year in French?

In French, the months are never capitalized unless they begin a sentence. There are douze mois (12 months) in une année (a year). The months in French and English are fairly similar to each other, in the sense that they begin with the same letter for both languages and they sound alike.

How do you say 7 months in French?

▾ Dictionary English-French

  1. seven num — sept num.
  2. months pl — mois pl m.
  3. month n — mois m.

Can I learn French in 6 months?

And you can learn French. It won’t be easy, but learning French in six months is possible if you’re motivated, diligent and realistic about your goals.

What month is Mars in French?

Learning how to say the months in French

English French
February février
March mars
April avril
May mai

How do you say 25 in French?

So, to say, “It’s January 1”, say: “c’est le premier janvier“. There are two more ways to say the date which you should learn: Nous sommes + le + number + month. On est + le + number + month….Now practice saying some dates:

le 4 avril April 4 le premier juillet July 1
le 17 octobre October 17 le 25 août August 25