What are some good treasure hunt clues?

Home scavenger hunt clues and hints for kids

  • I’m in the kitchen, and you’ll never eat me,
  • Give me a tap and I’ll give you some suds,
  • I’ve got buttons and numbers, and can give things a zap,
  • I get cold, but my door twin gets colder,
  • I take your food and return it to you hotter,
  • I’ll give you cubes and cold creamy treats,

How do you write a good treasure hunt clue?

Treasure Hunts – Tips on Writing Clues

  1. Make the scavenger hunts and clues challenging… but not too challenging.
  2. Incorporate props into the treasure hunts and clues.
  3. Integrate the event area into our treasure hunts and clues.
  4. Reinforce your message with the treasure hunts and clues.

How do you make an Easter egg hunt more fun?

One simple way to make an Easter egg hunt exciting is by making the eggs glow! You can paint your own or hide a glow stick inside each egg to make it illuminated. Then, have your egg hunt at night either outside or inside with the lights turned off. Your kids will love it!

Does the Easter Bunny hide real or plastic eggs?

During this time, the decorated nests were replaced with baskets, which the Easter Bunny filled with treats and candy. Soon real eggs were replaced with plastic eggs that could store small prizes and candy for the lucky finder.

How do you make a riddle?

  1. Choose an answer. Remember to choose a concrete, general answer.
  2. Brainstorm about your answer. Write down everything that comes to mind about the answer that you’ve chosen.
  3. Use a thesaurus. Choose three important words from your brainstorming list above, and look them up in a thesaurus.
  4. Use figurative language.

What are some scavenger hunt questions?

Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

  • Camping out? Keep me near.
  • Turn me on, fill me up.
  • Open me up, there’s lots to see.
  • You say we’re pals, that we’re best friends.
  • Don’t frown at me, I made it clear.
  • In a bowl or on a hook, just keep me somewhere you can look.
  • Rub away, if you must.
  • I’m always running, though I never walk.

How do you hide treasure hunt clues?

Once you know the general area for your scavenger hunt, look for hiding places. Qualities of a good hiding place include: Places to stash a clue where it will stay put: a pocket or the pages of a book or inside a container. Things with a story or memory attached, like a favorite picture, nook or book.

How do you write a clue Riddle?

How many eggs do you need for an Easter egg hunt?

Typically between 15 and 20 eggs per person is a good number of eggs to prepare for an Easter egg hunt. If the hunt is with older children or if you want it to be a longer, more challenging activity, purchase more eggs to hide at the hunt.

What to put in Easter eggs that is not candy?

40 small non-candy Easter egg fillers that can fit inside of a plastic egg! No candy included!

  1. Cheerios.
  2. Small Figurine.
  3. Mini Pretzels.
  4. Money.
  5. Glow Sticks (these will fit- you have to twist them and you may need a piece of tape to keep the egg from popping open, but it can be done!..
  6. Hair clips.
  7. Marbles.
  8. Erasers.

Are you supposed to hide Easter eggs?

I think that more often than not, parents choose to hide plastic eggs for hunts. Plastic eggs are great for adding Easter treasure to the hunt and many parents like being able to hide something inside. However, having the Easter bunny hide the eggs that the family dyed together is also a fun experience.

Is it safe to hide Easter eggs the night before?

Within 2 hours either reheat or refrigerate.” You may want to try dying eggs the night before and then keep them refrigerated until right before the Easter Bunny comes to hide them, and then eat or refrigerate eggs afterward.

What are some good Easter egg hunt clues?

use these clues below to lead your kids to places around

  • I have windows and doors but I am not your house!
  • I’m a big cold white appliance
  • and any dirty clothing that comes to be!
  • How to plan an indoor Easter Egg Hunt?

    Try These 10 Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas If You Can’t Go Outside 1 Map It Out. If your kids are really little and still learning what this whole egg hunt thing is about, they’ll probably need a few big pushes in the 2 Blindfold Egg Hunters. Want to amp up the fun on your indoor hunt? 3 Turn The Lights Off. 4 Have A Parental Hunt. 5 Include A Golden Egg. 6 Make It A Treasure Hunt. 8 Easter Egg Relay Race.

    What are some outdoor Easter egg hunt clues?

    my diners come down from the sky

  • but take shelter under my branches in the rain.
  • BBQ – I’m an outside kitchen used to cook you up a feast.
  • Car – I have four tyres and sit on your drive
  • Hose – A large one of me is used by firemen
  • Swing – I’m a chair on two pieces of rope
  • How to organize an adult Easter Egg Hunt?


  • the last clue leads to the treasure.
  • making sure to keep them in order.
  • so that they lead to the next spot on your clue map.
  • Gone Hunting.