What are some extracurricular activities at UCSD?


  • Top surfing school in the nation. Surfer Magazine.
  • 18,500 students participate in community service each year.
  • 45 sorority and fraternity organizations.
  • 22 percent of undergraduates study abroad each year.

What are some activities at UCSD?


  • Day at the Bay Barbecue & Water Sports.
  • Disneyland.
  • San Diego Zoo.
  • SeaWorld San Diego.
  • Universal Studios.
  • Whale Watching.
  • Conversation Cafés.
  • San Diego Padres Baseball Games.

What sports is UCSD known for?

NCSA Athletic Recruiting ranked the Tritons as the nation’s top Division II program for eight consecutive years. In May 2016, UCSD students voted to transition all sports teams to the NCAA Division I level….Sports sponsored.

Men’s sports Women’s sports
Basketball Cross country
Cross country Golf
Golf Rowing
Rowing Soccer

Does UC San Diego have club sports?

UCSD has you covered with the extensive Collegiate Sports Club Program. All UCSD students are eligible to join a team, regardless of skill level.

What is unique about UCSD?

UCSD is divided into six different colleges: Earl Warren, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Muir, Revelle, Sixth, and Thurgood Marshall. This college system is unique to the UC system, and is inspired by the Oxford system in England.

Is UCSD a fun school?

UCSD is a huge school, and there are a ton of “social” and fun people here. “It’s what you make of it” gets thrown around a lot at UCSD. It’s a nice way of saying the social life at UCSD is not very good. Academically it’s a good school, but from what I’ve noticed, most students just want to get the degree and get out.

Does La Jolla have a downtown?

Girard Avenue & Prospect Street: The Heart of Downtown La Jolla. Located right next to the beach in downtown La Jolla, and this area is known for its mix of unique boutique shops, mall stores, and higher-end establishments like Cartier.

Does UCLA have club sports?

UCLA Club Sport whose goal is to foster a healthy, friendly powerlifting environment for both new and veteran, casual and competitive lifters.

What does UC San Diego athletics and Recreation do?

Athletics and Recreation work with student/ staff organizations and the community to maintain and schedule over 100 sports facilities — and to provide support services for special events that improve your quality of life on campus. Read more about UC San Diego sports facilities and how to reserve a space.

Are there any student organizations at UCSD?

Current UCSD Student Organizations (2018 – 2019) Interested Gentlemen of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. Nu Alpha Kappa, Inc. Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Inc.

How many sports does UCSD play in NCAA?

UCSD sponsors 23 intercollegiate men’s and women’s sports at the NCAA Division II level. The Tritons compete primarily in California Collegiate Athletic Association, widely regarded as the premiere conference for D-II athletics.

Is the University of San Diego in the Big West Conference?

After two decades as one of the most successful programs in NCAA Division II, the UC San Diego intercollegiate athletics program begins a new era in 2020 as a member of the Big West Conference in NCAA Division I.