What are Mars frequencies?

The Mars Relay uses frequencies of 437.1 MHz for transmission, and 401.5 and 405.6 MHz for reception. Because these frequencies are near the radio amateur bands, Hams will have the opportunity to help out NASA and listen for the Mars Relay beacon transmission at 437.1 MHz.

How can I join Mars?

To apply for membership in MARS, go to the following webpage and complete the application form: Application to Join Army MARS. Direct your questions to HQ, Army MARS. HQ, ARMY MARS WEBSITES.

What is Ham Mars?

Welcome to the U.S. Army MARS Web Site MARS stands for Military Auxiliary Radio System. Army MARS is a Department of Defense sponsored program which utilizes Amateur Radio operators to contribute to the mission of the Department of the Army.

How do I get a radio license for Mars?

1. You must be a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residency, 18 years or older and be a currently licensed amateur radio operator with any class of license. 2. You must have radio equipment capable of operating on MARS HF frequencies, assigned by Region AF MARS officials.

Does the military use ham radios?

The program is a civilian auxiliary consisting primarily of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in assisting the military with communications on a regional and national level when access to traditional forms of communication may no longer be available….Military Auxiliary Radio System.

Abbreviation MARS
Region served Worldwide

What frequencies does the military use?

The primary military-only bands in the VHF high band are 138.00-144.00 and 148.00-150.775. Basic spacing between channel is 25 kHz (USN/USAF). The Army uses 12.5 kHz spacing in their segments of the band.

Has anyone visited Mars?

The first successful flyby of Mars was on 14–15 July 1965, by NASA’s Mariner 4. The first to contact the surface were two Soviet probes: Mars 2 lander on November 27 and Mars 3 lander on December 2, 1971—Mars 2 failed during descent and Mars 3 about twenty seconds after the first Martian soft landing.

How much is a ticket to Mars?

Elon Musk: A Round-Trip Ticket to Mars Will Cost Just $100,000.

How do I join a ham radio race?

How to volunteer your ham radio services

  1. ARES: You can register as an ARES volunteer simply by filling out the form and mailing it to the ARRL.
  2. RACES: You can get more information about RACES by contacting the civil-defense organization in your area, which is managed by your county or parish (or the local equivalent).

What radio frequency does the military use?

The military has a BIG (175 MHz) military aircraft band in the 225-400 MHz range. Basic spacing between channels is 25 kHz.

Does military use ham radio?

The main benefit of MARS membership is enjoying the amateur radio hobby through an ever-expanding horizon of MARS service to the nation….Military Auxiliary Radio System.

Abbreviation MARS
Purpose To provide contingency communications support for the United States Department of Defense and Military Services
Region served Worldwide

What branch of the military was first equipped with radio?

AFN-Iraq, Freedom Radio began as a joint effort between the Air Force, the Marines and the Army. The first unit to operate the station was the 222nd Broadcast Operations Detachment, an Army Reserve unit based in southern California.

What is the frequency of Air Force MARS?

Post your freqs, but leave some of the fun to the other listeners, and let them decide if your published frequency is Army, Navy/MC, or Air Force MARS, and certainly do not post the designators. Just heard activity on 13927 khz. Said they would be on the air for the next few hours.

Where are the MARS radio stations in the military?

Usually, the military MARS stations are at places such as The Pentagon, Fort Huachuca, Andrews Air Force Base, Nellis Air Force Base, and various Navy and Coast Guard locations. MARS Operator, AAT3OT, using a radio to communicate with the U.S. Army Reserve in the MARS Emergency Communications Unit trailer.

What are the radio frequencies for the US Air Force?

You will also find a considerable amount of military aircraft voice traffic (official and unofficial) on the U.S. Air Force Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) phone patch network frequencies: The primary frequencies are 13927.0 and 20992.0 kHz.

What does Mars stand for in military category?

Military Auxiliary Radio System provides Department of Defense sponsored emergency communications on a local, national, and international basis. MARS also provides auxiliary communications for military entities only.