What are examples of configuration items?

Configuration Items vary widely, but include anything related to your account that you want to track. Examples of Configuration Items include software and applications, locations and offices, employees and customers, documentation, hardware and companies, and even your incidents, changes and customers.

How do you identify configurable items?

Examples of work products that may be part of a configuration item include the following:

  1. Design.
  2. Test plans and procedures.
  3. Test results.
  4. Interface descriptions.
  5. Drawings.
  6. Source code.
  7. User stories or story cards.
  8. The declared business case, logic, or value.

What is configuration item in ITIL?

Configuration Item (CI) A Configuration Item is an entity in a configuration management solution such as a CMDB. ITIL defines a CI as any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT Service. CIs are under the control of Change Management.

Where are configuration items of a software stored?

The Controlled Library. The controlled or configuration management library is where configuration items are stored. It may be divided into a number of physical libraries, especially where the configuration items are of different types: documents, source code, hardware, and so on.

Which are the two methods of fundamental configuration?

Common installation methods include:

  • Client push installation.
  • Software update-based installation.
  • Group policy.
  • Manual installation on a computer.
  • Including the client as part of an OS image that you deploy.

What is a CI type?

A CI type is a category used to classify Configuration Items (CIs). The CI type identifies the required attributes and relationships that comprise a configuration record. Common CI Types include: hardware, software, documents, and users.

When should pm define configurable items?

“The configuration management plan defines those items that are configurable, those items that are require formal change control, & the process for controlling changes to such items.”

What is a configuration document?

The term configuration documentation characterizes the information that defines the performance, functional and physical attributes of a product.

What are 7 R’s of Change management?

What are the 7 R’s of Change Management?

  • The REASON behind the change?
  • RISKS involved in the requested change?
  • RESOURCES required to deliver the change?
  • Who RAISED the change request?
  • RETURN required from the change?
  • Who is RESPONSIBLE for creating, testing, and implementing the change?

What is DML in ITIL?

The Definitive Media Library (DML) is the secure logical library in which the definitive authorized versions of all media CIs are stored and protected. The DML typically consists of one or more software file-storage areas, as well as physical stores holding, for example, master copies on CD/DVD.

Which tool is used to control the configuration of computer?

Some configuration management tools

Tool Language FLOSS version
CFEngine C CFEngine Community
Puppet Ruby Open Source Puppet
Chef Ruby Chef
Ansible Python Ansible

What is CI relationship?

CI Relationships form a major part of your CMDB, as it is the relationships between the CIs that differentiate the CMDB from the asset database. A CMDB without relationships constitutes a bunch of CIs in a single database, fetched through scan or import process, or by manual addition.

What is the definition of a configuration item?

Techopedia explains Configuration Item (CI) A configuration item can not only be at the most atomic level, but also can consist of a more complex assembly of other configuration items.

How many items are involved in a software configuration?

The software configuration may involve two or more software configuration items that must be validated to operate efficiently and effectively as an integrated product.

What is the official definition of CSCI ( computer software configuration item )?

Official definition of CSCI (Computer Software Configuration Item) CSCIs are selected based on tradeoffs among software function, size, host or target computers, developer, support concept, plans for reuse, criticality, interface considerations, need to be separately documented and controlled, and other factors.

Can a configuration item be a primitive component?

In other words, a configuration item can be a primitive component or an aggregate of other configuration items. In fact, the level at which a configuration item is considered as primitive or aggregate is often decided by the system in which it is created, maintained and managed.