What amount of money do you give for a bar mitzvah?

For a bar or bat mitzvah, it’s common to give an amount that’s a multiple of 18. In Jewish tradition, the number 18 symbolizes “chai,” Hebrew for “life.” Giving an amount that’s a multiple of 18 is a way of symbolically gifting a long and happy life to the young person of honor.

Is 180 a good bar mitzvah gift?

In Hebrew, the symbol chai represents life and the living. The numeric representation of this symbol is the numeral 18, so it is a tradition to give cash gifts in $18 increments at Bar Mitzvahs. For example, gifts of $18, $36 and $180 should all be considered and would be in accordance with this tradition.

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How much should I give for a Bar Mitzvah gift?

Giving money in multiples of $18 is symbolic of giving “chai” or life. There are many people who give money in multiples of $18 as presents to someone celebrating a birth, a bar or bat mitzvah or a wedding. If just your child is going to the bar mitzvah, don’t spend money on gift cards or savings bonds.

What is the best gift for a bar mitzvah?

Bar mitzvah gifts are generally traditional and faith-based. The most common gifts include Shofars, Tallits, Kippahs, and Torahs. Star of David jewelry and artwork are also popular since they can be used every day. Any Judaica item is appropriate as a Bar Mitzvah (or Bat Mitzvah for girls) gift.

What is the appropriate amount for a Bat Mitzvah gift?

Giving money in multiples of $18 is symbolic of giving life, so it’s quite common for people to give Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah gifts in the form of cash or gift cards. Common amounts can include $36, $54, or $72.

What is the appropriate gift for a bat mitzvah?

Traditional Gifts. Normal birthday gifts are also considered acceptable for bat mitzvahs. Consider the person’s interests and choose a gift he would enjoy such as books, CDs, clothes, jewelry, electronics or games.